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  • Dearest forum friends,

    In an effort to reclaim some skillz of mine, and amuse my peers, I have started an online blog/comic. Nothing big, clever or sensible, just a little playground I’ve set up for me to mess around with little technique tests and ideas, in an effort to hone my skills as a budding illustrator/ storyboard artist. But for anyone interested, I thought I’d let you know it’s out there.

    I’ve spent so much time on this forum, hanging out with forum friends and attending forum events that I’d like to hope that from time to time people from here can have a peek at my page and find some mild amusement/ enjoyment from it. That’s kind of the idea.

    So, for anyone interested, it’s here; Fixed Planet

    I couldn’t say that it’s the official comic of the community (could I?) but that’s kind of how it set out. Of course it’s free for the world to view, but the tongue-in-cheek, fixed related quips, witticisms and in-jokes maybe wasted on those outside the forum. So consider it yours. You’ll hopefully find some humour in foreseeing where the story is heading from the intro pages that are up now…. ;p

    Hopefully I’ll be adding a couple of pages every week or so, so just drift along from time to time and see if the story’s progressed. Or feel free to set up an RSS Feed, subscribe to the blog or become a follower. Fixed Planet is a comedy adventure of epic proportions!

    Please enjoy! …or ignore.



  • You drew all of that?

  • Looks cool. I like the widespread panic portrait.

  • But its over, isn't it? The world is charred and burned... is the next page just saying the world is still charred? It was well short!

    Cool pics incidentally.

  • So where do the riders get their tyres from?

  • if you drew that, which I tihnk you did, that is amazing. a skill I so badly wish I had. really nice style man, nicer than some of the stuff i've seen in forbidden planet recenlty.

  • Maybe they go to war to secure the last supply of now-aged and cracked tubs that are in the remains of the Manchester velodrome?

  • Isnt everyone dead already? Even the cyclists?

  • Tough crowd.

  • I know, it's awesomely drawn as well.

  • I like it... I want so see what happens next.

  • They get a puncture?

  • I bet they get a puncture, Velocio. I BET they do!

  • It's that post-apocalyptic landscape. Lots of jagged edges.

    Though the tricks guys would love it... they'd see opportunity where we'd all see a life of misery and eventual starvation.

  • Seriously though, post-apocalyptic fixed tricks look a bit weird. The post-apocalyptic fixed tricksters should just get a BMX if they want to do post-apocalyptic tricks.

  • awesome illustration - love the style

  • this is awesome, keith!!! thanks for the tip-off.. i will be following.. :)

  • ^ awesome.

  • I like it the artwork, The opening set reminds me of some of the work done by Becky Cloonan on Demo and from then a bit like a stripped down Aaron McGruder.

    Keep up the good work.

  • New mini issue 1.5, up now on new look site.

    And Issue 001 is gathered all together on the post just below if you want to catch up - For this one click "Full Screen", pause and turn through pages.

  • You're a great artist, Keith... :]

  • Very nice shimo san. I like the idea of a .5 release.

  • Very impressive....

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Fixed Planet blog/ web comic

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