Brockley Drinks

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  • Do you have a bit of a Husten, too?

  • Plan to get there sometime after half seven.

  • Would have loved to have come out for this and have been lurking in the hopes that I could, bt not going to be able to do it..
    If this happens again I'll be there..

    Ps, there was talk of trying to organise some sort of South's Christmas gathering, so to start the balk rolling, will start a thread and put some dates up for debate..

  • shit... forgot my wallet... MEH... Im going to have to ride home to get it then ride back. I wont be there until... no idea.

  • I'll buy you a beer...

  • I'll buy his other one


  • Here

  • On our way within the hour.

  • What's the bike parking arrangements? I'll be on the Brompton so do you reckon I'll be okay to bring it in?

  • Not going to make it, sorry to miss everyone. Can’t cycle and it’s just taken me two and a half hours to get home and I can’t face further public transport. Next time.

  • Lovely evening, although TB and Brockley Rockley Man were sorely missed. Good that Iain finally got to meet Andy. :)

    'This is Iain. His eyes get cold riding home.'
    'HTFU, Iain.'

    And yes, we need to do this, that, and the other more often.

  • That was an amazing evening! Really really good.

    Thanks Andy for your lock. Really good to put a face to an online persona!

    Rest of you, love you all!!

    When's the next one???

  • Has your helmet dried yet?

    Nice to meet you too, Iain. Again.

  • Where's that picture of me in the SPEED ZONE 😂

    Good to see everyone last night! xx

  • Here you go.

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    • Speed_Zone.jpeg
  • I need to crop myself from the photo first.

    @Oliver Schick - Did you make it home on your wobbly wheel OK?

  • Cheers, Chris, yes, it was just slow. It turns out I killed my rim, getting a new wheel soon. Still rideable, just with caution.

  • It's been airing all weekend... So hopefully...

  • Aw I miss my forum pals! Really need to
    a - look at the forum sometimes, and
    b - get my shit together and turn up to this next time

    Christmas get-together sounds great too.

    Meanwhile, if anyone fancies spinning over to visit me at Beckenham Place Park Cafe, your efforts will be rewarded with a seasonal array of cakes, quiches, hot snacks*, soups, sandwiches and coffee...

    *Carnivores rejoice - my efforts to wean the masses off meat are scuppered by their demands for my hot sausage rolls and bacon sandwiches. :(

  • Do you work in the old golf club house?

  • Hey! Will pop in soon to say hello! I often lead family rides for LC there and quite enjoy mashing about in the woods for a quick bit of off road on my way home.

  • Yo! Probs gonna hit the Ivy House tomorrow for the rat race cycles rollapaluza thing, if anyone is around?

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  • I would have loved that, but I'm already going somewhere else.

    We haven't had a proper forum Rollapaluza for far too long. I don't mean one organised specifically for the forum, but one with lots of forum presence.

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Brockley Drinks

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