Dave Yates framebuilding course

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  • I need to ask for advice from anyone who's done Dave's framebuilding course:

    I want to do it. My Mrs says its a waste of cash/time, since my day-job is in post-production: that I ought to be focussing on my career, not 'bloody bikes' (I may be paraphrasing, but you get the gist).

    Help me find the argument to tell her why this could be beneficial, not just a selfish joyful experience. I want to do it a lot, but I don't want to hurt her feelings in just going ahead without her support.

    Can anyone who has done it help?

  • I can't qualify any of the following with experience of the course (I haven't done it, but would love to one day...), but I don't think that matters so here goes..

    reasons for Skully to do the framebuilding in no particular order:

    1) self-fulfilment (and thus happier you) - investing your leisure time and energy in something you love, ticking off one of your 'goals'

    2) self-improvement - learning a skill that can be of use to you and others - presumably your wife would not object if, say, you want to start an evening class in French, or ballroom dancing

    3) economic payback - if it goes well, and you develop your skills & have space/tools to start knocking out say a couple of frames a year, you could in all likelihood start making a little cash on the side from your 'hobby', perhaps paying back the cost of the course and then, who knows, maybe having a little money left over to take Mrs S out for some dancing and fancy suppers

    well, I've convinced myself, even if no one else buys the above.

  • I havent done it, but surely you would do well to persuade her with the argument about the fact youre going to learn a 'craft'. Making these things from scratch is an art, passed down through generations. The end products are things treasured and retaining their value over time. Sure couching it in those terms would help.

    What I cant advise on is the delicate blend of family time management that youre involved with, which I suspect is more of an issue than the 'bloody bikes'....

    sounds like a good way to spend a weekend to me though ;-)

  • Isince my day-job is in post-production

    your day job isn't finished yet?

  • Plus :

    spare the rod, spoil the wife, Skully, numsen?

  • The frame you'll build is for her, and will an eternity just like your love.

  • Yes. Your love is the fillet brazing that holds your relationship together.

    or something

  • pm, badrider, he built his there.

  • @ DMCZone: good idea

    Her argument is probably more about the loss of quality family time or money (and you may have too many bikes) than objecting to the course per se.

    And your argument for doing it is that it would fulfil a need to create something real, beautiful, practical and long lasting, with your own two hands. It would make you very happy to do it. Your day job does not provide this fulfilment or happiness. To be honest I'd just tell her this, and to hell with the course being anything other than something you would really like to achieve. Sell a bike or two if it helps with the money/too many bikes element.

    Steff has done the Yates course, and rates it very highly. He also thinks the bike he made is great. He has some odd ideas about the relative merits of different tubing mind you.

  • Surely it's not one or the other?

  • You'll probably never convince the wife that it's value for money, especially if she's not creative or into bikes.

    So be a man, just do it and HTFU.

    But don't tell her!

  • Same reason people do life drawing at night school; learning is ever in the freshness of its youth, even for the old.

  • Thanks. I love this place. No one's asked me me anything stupid. All good advice.

    m.f.'s hit on something ... True: its not really about bikes, its about the delicate balance of family life. The tough part will be being away for a whole week, in terms of childcare and stuff.
    What I want to do is make them come along (we could camp), but its in Lincolshire. Not exactly a holiday place. Also the spot I've been offered is in term time, and I think its now illegal (?) to take your kid away from school during term without emergency reasons.

    @nimbhus Yep I still have a day-job.

    i like the idea of buidling her a bike. Don't think that would wash though.

  • @BQ Steff has funny ideas about tubing? Or DY?

  • Same reason people do life drawing at night school; learning is ever in the freshness of its youth, even for the old.

    I'd have thought at least a proportion of people doing life drawing at night would be there to see boobs.

  • Tru dat^

  • Do you get to see bewbs on frame building courses?

  • ...or knobs?

  • sneak away, tell her you are working late hours. she wont notice

  • I like the idea of buidling her a bike. Don't think that would wash though.

    If I was a sculptor, but then again, no
    Or a man who makes potions in a travelling show
    I know it's not much but it's the best I can do
    My gift is this frame and this one's for you

    And you can tell everybody this is your Yates
    It may not be carbon but now that I've paid
    I hope you don't mind
    I hope you don't mind that it's crafted in steel
    The only other thing I could make is a show reel

  • @ dron : It's about 150 miles away. I have to stay there for five or six days.

  • @nimbhus Yep I still have a day-job.

    no, no! you missed the joke...post production... finished... oh, please yerselves.

  • Do you want to learn to build a frame, or do you want to go on a DY course? Which is more important?

    Have you considered trying to find another course somewhere else, or someone who may teach you a rolling course, i.e three odd w/e or a bit more sporadic? With a bit of hunting you may find someone be able to help. OR is having the legend DY too important.

  • Great question Tommy. I'll have to think about that one.

  • no, no! you missed the joke...post production... finished... oh, please yerselves.

    Oh. Bit too subtle for a monday morning.

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Dave Yates framebuilding course

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