Yoga for cyclists

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  • Yoga classes are like music lessons, they teach technique but without regular practice won’t make a huge difference. This year I committed to home practice every day. At the beginning of the year I’d be lucky to get my finger tips to the floor in uttanasana first thing in the morning. after ten months of daily practice I can get my hands flat on the floor at the start of the day.

    Also as mentioned by Hippy poses should not be agony, it’s often best to back off the point of pain and let the body relax and you will find the stretch will then occur. If you are at the point of pain the muscles will defensively contract which is not what you want when trying to relax and stretch.

  • I have a bunch that I've picked up from physios for specific issues, some stuff off youtube. I dip into Yoga for Cyclists book now and then, again for specific stuff. Now and then I find enough time to do a yoga routine off youtube.­ie-Williamson/dp/1408190478

  • @alialias / @Cave

    • keep in mind it's not a sprint, but a marathon - rushing things won't help
    • 5mins daily will do you more good than half an hour once a week
    • breathe more, seriously
    • try to be more relaxed about the whole endeavour, don't fight your own body, chill out
    • find a good yin yoga teacher if going deep into stretching is what you want
  • Just back from my weekly session. Had a chat with instructor beforehand telling her I'd be pushing it less, described what I thought was going on and she agreed. We did a different type of class today, my first try at ashtanga, which. Feel on the whole more satisfied with the experience, and less ruined now.

    Now to pick up 15mins or so daily.

  • I'm off to a Gong Bath on Friday. Can I safely assume that I just lie there whilst the Gong Master does his thing?

  • That's the idea, yes.

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Yoga for cyclists

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