Just had a wisdom tooth out (wisdom teeth)

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  • i had mine out under general anaesthetic.
    have a strong gag reflex so even under IV sedation i would be wriggling so they referred me to have it done in hospital.
    they were impacted sideways/hidden so not a simple job.
    this was done at Kings which is a teaching and i cant complain at all about the process and the after care.
    i did get through a lot of co-codamol paracetamol and neurophen in the days after and don’t underestimate how long it takes to heal up afterwards, the gums heal quick but there is a thin piece of bone round the tooth that has to naturally be broken down/absorbed which takes a while.

    glad i had it done though.

  • This thread needs pics of the offending teeth.

  • How much do I really want to know what they're doing?


    My lower ones had to be smashed to bits and one was apparently the biggest he'd ever seen.

    I technically didn't need the tops out, but they basically said in for a penny...etc.

  • same here they took one out that wasn’t a problem just didn’t have its partner below to work with.
    the bottom one had twisted roots and was a right bugger so they break them up into little pieces.
    i heard stories of people having bruises on their chest after surgery from the knees of the surgeon getting leverage.*

    *might be an urban myth..

  • Here’s a pic from a few weeks ago. The black area under the white is a big abcess. You can see my lower teeth are slanted forward.
    Wisdom teeth were removed 40 years ago at 24 years old.
    The uppers were tiny but bottoms were big and coming in almost horizontally. Gums had to be cut and teeth had to be broken up. They pushed the others forward and out of alignment. Remaining teeth are a bit mis-shaped.
    I should have had them out 10 years earlier.
    Phildas - and anyone else with issues - get them out asap. Get nitrous and it won’t bother you at all.
    I am very lucky to have a decent dental plan at my work. In 2019 I spent over $4000. The pictured repair and associated root canal was over $1000 Canadian.

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  • might be an urban myth..

    My mum said she did.

  • Just heard about exactly this today when I spoke to a bloke who had driven his wife over 60 miles to find a NHS dentist.

  • If anyone needs advice regarding wisdom teeth etc then please PM me, I’m an OMFS surgeon. T

  • Forum ride to have our wisdom teeth out by Tom?

  • BYOC: “Bring your own chisel”

  • How do I go about getting you to remove my teeth?

  • I had one out a little over a year ago and it didn't go too well - kept having ongoing pain and returning to have it packed with that clove-y antiseptic material, until the dentist said it was better she reopen it and let the edges knit together again. That still didn't really solve it and I had a period when I was getting really bad pain that coincided with me feeling sick and weak for about a fortnight so I wasn't sure if there was some horrible infection spreading through me; eventually Eastman surgeons saw me in November and scraped it all out along with some 'soft bone' (ugh). That actually seemed to solve it... until yesterday I started getting pain again. I swear this one fucking tooth has given me more problems than way more 'serious' conditions I've had.

  • they have damaged the sinus, got referred to a maxfax consultant yesterday to try and fix it. Had tooth ache for six months now and its upto 12 weeks for referral, fun!

    This is the kind of bullshit I need to avoid. If they can't pull the fuckers out, get the fucking drill out or something, don't just smash my face in so I need more fucking surgery!

  • Yeh it's not great but for context, having the "tooth ache" I have is no worse than tendonitis in my knees or ropey hip, just a fairly constant low level ache. Which creates its own problems as the reception staff always want to screen me out with their questions on the phone as it isn't debilitating pain so therefore non-urgent.

  • Hey. I don’t do private so it would have to a referral to the hospital I work in which unless you’re local would be v difficult. It’s a nightmare these days on all sides of the table, I can’t even find a dentist for myself ..

    @hippy unfortunately oral antral fistulas can be completely independent of the surgical extraction process.. sinus anatomy, root morphology are key issues. Obviously if ur shit at dental extractions that doesn’t help either ;) always useful to have it done by someone who can advise on and deal with any immediate complications or later issues. T

  • I "need" 3 out but he said they'd do all 4. I asked "what would happen if I just leave it" and he mentioned cysts and more dead teeth and all kinds of horror stories. I'm still probably going to leave it, hahaha, mostly because I'll forget about it again until something hurts.

  • actually that reminds me of the strange sensations post surgery in my sinuses above the top one removed, it felt like somebody was poking the back of my eyeball!?

  • I've had two dentists say to get mine removed. I can ignore them both, right?

  • I only trust one dentist and he's not one of these two. So yeah.

  • Dentists are basically as bad as car mechanics for trying to sell you ‘treatments’ you don’t need.

    Your teeth are just getting run in. They’ll be fine.

  • Almost £2k poorer but 4 teeth lighter. How does that stack up against other Weight Weenie $/g options?

  • It depends, does it mean you'll be consuming less? Although, I suppose you don't need teeth for milkshakes

  • Not supposed to drink, so that's gonna drop my daily caloric intake by 4-5000kcal.

  • I had a wisdom tooth removed in hospital several years ago. As reported elsewhere I went for a check up (NHS, yes I am lucky) and was informed that I had to lose another and they could do it RIGHT NOW. The whole process, including check up and cleaning of all remaining teeth took 40 mins and I didn't feel a bloody thing after the local anaesthetic needle. Bear in mind my personal cowardice in the face of dentistry, it was least worse as possible (everything healed in 2 days). The hospital experience years ago was infinitely nastier. It only cost £64 for the lot, thanks NHS!

    Mind you, it's impossible to leap from the chair and bolt for the door when your wife is running the reception desk....

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Just had a wisdom tooth out (wisdom teeth)

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