Just had a wisdom tooth out (wisdom teeth)

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  • I think I'm going to get mine done. They're fucking up the teeth next to them and I'm looking at a 3rd go at having those filled.

    But then dentist be like "you have a really thick jawbone, it could take a while and we might break your jaw or punch a hole through your sinus bone so your nose and mouth are connected another way that would then need more surgery to fix, or we could damage the nerve near the tooth so you never feel anything on your lips and tongue again"


  • FWIW, my wisdom teeth started moving when I was a teenager. They would push my other teeth out of place a bit - just enough to feel the difference when I bite down - and give very mild tooth ache and that’s just about it. Each move would last a few days at most and might be months before it recurs. This has been happening for 40 years and hasn’t got any worse. One rotted out and was removed, with a fair bit of effort, about two years ago.
    Apart from a filling that is the only dental work I’ve ever had and if I ever have a bad day I remind myself of that.

  • I need all 4 out really. Just going to keep ignoring it and putting it off probably.

  • I didn't go to the dentist for 30+ years. No pain, no point, right? Except, if I did, they might've dealt with these when I was younger, with less overall risk because it's easier to remove them when you're young. Anyway, too late for 'what ifs' now. Gonna check my medical insurance and see if I'm covered. If I am I'll see if I can schedule all four to be done in winter or something, so it doesn't fuck with my ride plans during summer.

  • If you need them out it's 'probably' better to do it sooner rather than later. Depends how much they're fucking other things up.

  • Fwiw I got all of mine removed privately through health insurance.

    General anesthetic in a nice hospital, followed by morphine, followed by 3 days worth of strong mood altering pain killers.
    Would recommend.

    My mate got it done in two sessions with a local anesthetic followed by an infection, followed by having to sit for hours in an out of hours GP.

    Would not recommend.

  • I've had two removed under local. Whilst not pleasant, it was over in 45 mins, the dentist had cricket on the radio and, having been bricking it for weeks beforehand it really wasn't that bad....

  • Hmm, yeah, private seems like the way to go, mostly because it would mean I could schedule it when I've not events on. Not sure about GA vs. local though. GA has made me pretty sick afterwards. How much do I really want to know what they're doing?

  • Dentists I've spoken to have said it can go either way. But the last guy specifically mentioned tough jaw and probably needing quite a bit of 'work' which I take to mean he'd be standing over me with a hammer and/or pliers looking for max leverage. :S

  • He was just flirting mate. They say that to all the rugged ozzie boys...

  • But the last guy specifically mentioned tough jaw

  • I had mine out with local, felt nothing apart from the crunching. Zero pain.

    Think anesthetics has improved a lot. Or maybe I'm remembering more pain than there actually was when I was younger. (avoided the dentist for 10-15 years...)

  • I am definitely on the neanderthal spectrum but you could be right. I am irresistibly gorgeous to man and woman.

  • Unlike this meathead, mine has had no exogenous HGH assistance.

  • I was sedated for mine (not sure what drugs I was on specifically). Not fully knocked out but fairly oblivious to what was going on.

    It was a happy medium. That was with Bupa some years ago.

  • Oh I want to be knocked out for sure. I fucking hate having hands in my mouth.
    My lower ones are leaning forwards rather than straight up so they won't come out with pulling, they'll need some cutting and shit.

  • What's the situation like for NHS dentists in Ldn? Down on the south west you simply can't register with one. NHS patient backlogs are too big and they'd rather take on private paying work.

    I reluctantly paid private to get seen for an issue I had, and my partner had to attend A&E and essentially beg to the relevant department to get an emergency appointment at a hospital for a tooth extraction.

  • Had three wisdom teeth out under local at various times with various degrees of difficulty, worst was dentist having to climb on top of me and straddle me to get more leverage

    Got issues now with a molar (which was done as an emergency and involved the little dentist with pliers pulling with both hands while the nurse pulled my head back in the seat so they could get more leverage) they pulled out and in the process seems they have damaged the sinus, got referred to a maxfax consultant yesterday to try and fix it. Had tooth ache for six months now and its upto 12 weeks for referral, fun!

    Hate teeth

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Just had a wisdom tooth out (wisdom teeth)

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