Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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  • Did you buy yours from Apple directly? If so, just get them to replace the screen for free... They will do it.

  • Because I covet things I can't afford I am looking at finance options for a MacBook pro. Can only seem to find 6 month buy now pay later (0% APR), anyone know of anywhere that does a 12 month option?

  • Now could be the worst possible time to buy - Redesigned MB Pros are expected to be announced sometime in October.

    I would wait a little longer if you can.

  • I did, but in China (still at an official apple store.) getting an appointment in an apple store is hell though huh

  • I think laptops come with International warranty, I once had my Mac fixed under that, it was bought in HK. But if it's out of warranty then unless there is a recall, you won't be covered under the UK sale of goods act...

  • was planning on waiting for the new MacBook pro as it's slated announcement this month right? Assumed it would be same distributors so just wanted to scout their finance schemes.

  • Ah ok.

    Actually Currys do a 10 month with 10% interest deal, at least they used to. Bought a TV on it once.

    10% interest up front then 10 monthly instalments. Worth a look?

  • 0% credit card would be the best bet if you can get one. Quite a few do a lengthy 0% on purchases.

  • So, er... the iPhone 7 beats the Mac pro in single core performance.

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    • Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 14.41.26.png
  • Really? That's incredible...

  • Now you just need 6 of them welded together...

  • Mine has this at the edges. Cba to take it into apple though unless it starts spreading onto the screen.

  • I've just done something sensible and saved some cash on my 'I'll keep it one more month' Apple music. Bought a £100 iTunes card with 20% off here:
    and used that to get a years subscription on iTunes (which is £99). Which makes it more palatable at £6.66 per month, I think.

  • Is deleting 111GB of music going to speed up a 2011 Macbook Pro running OS 10.10.15?

    Once I've deleted the music I plan to update the OS.

  • Only if it frees up 10% of total he'd space...

  • Yep, its a third.

  • Got my iPhone 7, very nice. Took about 5 minutes to get used to the new home button.

    Old iPhone 6 for sale here if anyone is interested:


  • Anyone got a 5s for sale, unlocked, or on three? Cheers

  • Got an old Mitsubishi diamondtron and G5 tower if any one has a use for them let me know. Also what's the best way to dispose of them?

  • Mitsubishi diamondtron

    Had one at work back in the day. My desk neighbour was jealous of my flat panel

  • Upgraded phone to iOS 10 and it feels like I've lost lots of photos. Not many on here any more. Any idea what's happened?

  • I've heard of some people losing theirs during the update. Check you're in the right folder/album, they messed around with the structure for the update.

  • And check iCloud...

  • That G5 tower would house a great hackintosh. Temping...

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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