Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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  • Time capsule thingy is running very hot, first time I've ever noticed hearing a fan running inside it.
    Is it on the way out?

  • Anyone have an empty box for a 27" cinema display? Need to bring mine to sweden and it'd be the ideal packaging. Happy to pay for it

  • Would an 27 iMac box fit? The older model. I can see if we have a spare one at work but will have to be after Wed next week and we are at kings x, so it might not be worth your time even if it did fit. No charge of course.

  • Or you can see if there are any on eBay, people do sell them for reasons I will never know...

  • Hi all, my 2012 Macbook pro been heating up on the left hand side to quite excessive levels from minimal usage. I went in to the genius bar and was told my battery would soon need replacing (still have AppleCare) due to natural degradation. When Mavericks first installed I kept getting a 'Service Battery' message, and phoned Apple about it, but then the pop-up disappeared by itself (I didn't go to university in a town with an Apple store). I find it disappointing that the battery life is now shot, as i've used it as I was advised (i.e. predominantly off mains power) as a student for 2 years. It still holds for a few hours, but as of today 'Service Battery' is back. The cycle number is at around 600, but the degradation is around 80%. I'm suspicious that it's not just natural degradation, and am disappointed, as was sold it on the premise that I 'wouldn't have any problems for five years' (reputationally from reviews and friends, and in store). Any thoughts?

    Tl;dr: Battery life staying 'Service Battery'. Laptop has been heating up excessively. Previously Genius bar did nothing. Apple Care still valid for a month. What should I do?

  • Your new Apple notebook features advanced battery chemistry that greatly extends the battery’s lifespan. The built-in battery of your MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air is designed to deliver up to 1000 full charge and discharge cycles before it reaches 80 per cent of its original capacity. In addition, Adaptive Charging reduces the wear and tear on the battery giving it a lifespan of up to 5 years.

    Take it in, kick up a fuss, drag your heels, worst case scenario they say no, you buy a genuine replacement off the bay and fit it yourself

  • ^ this. Insist they replace it for you under apple care. If not, ask them about your rights under the UK consumer rights laws. Ask to speak to the store manager etc etc.

    My experience with the apple tech guys, most of them will just replace / repair whatever with no questions asked, but I have come across a couple who are basically nasty pieces of shit. 1 even told me if he replaced my iPad more than once then it wouldn't be fair for other apple paying customers... well, last time I checked, I am also an apple paying customer.

  • My line that always works is that I'm a loyal apple customer, in the household we've got 4 iPhones, 3 macbooks, ATV (even though its toss) blah blah.. you guys are normally good for fixing me up so go and have a word with your manager and see what you can do.

  • Possibly? Let me research and ill pm you. Thanks for the offer!

    Checked eBay btw, but no luck

  • Right. So I had my work email account on my Mac and had my wrist slapped for having it on a private machine so I deleted it. Problem is my Mac is still pinging the company server in Germany and (because my password has changed) this keeps getting me locked out of my account (on all machines).
    Any idea why it's doing this? And where to find how to stop it? DEFINITELY no trace of the account left on the desktop.

    As much as I prefer running on my apple stuff I don't know my way around nearly as well as I do on my microsoft stuff so please treat me as a total newbie.

    Many thanks!!!

  • You could try installing a program called Little Snitch. It's a program which monitors outgoing network traffic and you can allow or deny connections as you need. I think it might help stop your computer accessing other servers.

  • Ordered my top-end 13" rMBP with 16gb ram.

    The wait begins..

  • Thanks Jon, I'll give that a go.

  • Just installed the Yosemite beta.

    OMG my eyes. Ives, what have you done? ...

  • Made it better?

  • I didn't like it at first, as I am so used to the old style, but now I rather like it. I don't mind either really...

  • Not keen on the sudden lack of glass and shine. Too much Helvetica, bright blue folder icons...

    Yes, its no different to iOS7, and I got used to that in the end, but a bit shell shocked I think

  • One of my favourite things when I started using OSX was the detail, shadowing and just plain awesomeness of some of the application icons. I'm going to miss that.

  • now that you mentioned it, I don't actually like the font. It reminds me of my very many essays over the last couple of years...

  • I keep getting an annoying iphone message : your iPhone has not been backed up in 6 weeks, back ups happen when your iphone is locked, plugged in and connected to wifi. I've done this a bunch of times! Why isn't it backing up?

  • Got my new macbook, super nice. Although the gift card used to be for the mac app store

    Now I have a £60 voucher for the apple store. what the heck am I supposed to buy with that??

  • Apple tv? a case for it?

  • Buy a £60 Mac App Store voucher/iTunes voucher

  • Decent pair of headphones?

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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