Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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  • On a different topic, what's the best way / app to archive text messages from iPhone? I don't want ro restore my phone using a backup, but I do want to keep certain text messages etc... Cheers

  • Chrrrrrrrrs ppl.

    Anyone here got a suitable replacement for sells before I hit ebay etc?

    Would be happy with iMac or MBP or even Air. Not worried about storage as I keep everything on external HDs anyway. Just need a fast enough processor and enough RAM to run multiple instances of software plugins in Logic Pro. Thunderbolt would be a huge plus too as it means I could use an external soundcard to run UA pluggins.

    Hmmm... much as I love my rMBP I'm tempted by an iMac... any interest in a 1st gen rMBP 15 inch for £900? (will have to double check that price).

  • ^Ooooooh. Yep, possible. Might be a bit rich for my blood right now. But very doable given a month to get the rest of the funds together. I'll PM you later after you've had time to ponder also. Thanks man.

  • Cool.
    I'm in no rush, I love the thing, but semi fancy simplifying things with an iMac and no external drives/monitors...
    Also could get a better graphics card for Day Z.

  • On a different topic, what's the best way / app to archive text messages from iPhone? I don't want ro restore my phone using a backup, but I do want to keep certain text messages etc... Cheers

    Make screenshots.

  • I used to use one called PhoneView, but haven't installed or used on Mavericks. I er, got a serial from, er, serial uh, box. Ahem.

  • I have macs running various osx... Don't ask me why they just do.

  • email from tech at work

    Not sure if you are aware SATA ports negotiate link speeds between a macbook and a hard drive.. For Samsung ssd’s it should link at 6Gb’s but have noticed on at least one new macbook pro the negotiated speed is 1.5gb ¾ less than is should be, this will most likely cause a bottleneck and users will get the pinwheel a lot of the time (depending on how much data the user is processing ofcourse)..

    Ive done a bit of digging on the net and found other users with the same issue, the only solution to this is to send the drives back to be swapped as faulty...

    Wasnt aware of that. With the older Macbooks (mines 2008) it's only sata2 (maybe 1) bus speed anyway so don't unfortunately get the most the drive can offer. I've run trim enabler and am running Lion....have I just been lucky with this drive then I wonder? Defo loads quicker than the old one that came out.

  • I didn't personally test the all the MBPs that are fitted with the samsung evo SSDs, but out of the 17 that we installed, only 1 "failed", so it might just be a bad egg in a basket and it's not a batch issue either, coz we bought all the SSDs at the same time. If the tech didn't manage to find the info he did, we would have just put it down as a faulty unit... I don't know.

  • Just had my 3 years old as useful as a door stop iPhone 4 replaced by Apple free of charge. Pretty cool. I honestly expected to have to pay a small fee to repair it, they wanted to charge me £119 for a like to like repalcement and I asked if I could make a claim under the consumer law and 5 mins later, I got a new phone that actually works. yay!

  • Good news! OS X Yosemite Beta is now ready for you to test-drive. Remember, this is beta software, so please carefully review the guidelines before you decide to install this pre‑release version of OS X. To get started, click the link below.

    Should I?

  • Already have a dev build.. works pretty well.... no real probs for me.

    MUCH nicer visually.

  • I went with crucial M550 256GB ..

  • Should I?

    No if you value your computer.

  • ^ shut up Ed....

    I've had the dev build since release and it's always been stable. The only bug I've experienced is the date / day on Mail being cut in half when using a preview pane.

    As Chris says, it's much nicer looking and it's very stable.

    Do it.

  • Although some of the Jonny Ive era UI lacks refinement the core concept is pretty bloody good and solid (stripped back to increase screen real estate).

    Looking at iOS6 (and pre 10.10 a bit) looks like you are looking through a portal of shit through a tunnel of kitsch.

  • ive got the beta and its been fine, the only thing I don't like is the translucent dock when i'm on webpages that are very white it

    dock is really undetailed in the case

  • Does it run fast?

  • Hard to say. Running beta on a late-2013 MBP and honestly I can't tell any difference.
    Really besides a face lift, I've yet to see anything amazing. The phone integration will be nice but need iOS 8 for that.

  • Okay I'll risk it then

  • Right so installed, anybody restarted and got a funny login screen? Other bug is the rollover on the menu bar icons isn't consistent

  • went into apple store to look at retinas

    really cant decide between 13 and 15..

  • 13

    15 isn't big enough to do proper work on anyway

  • ^this

  • ^ +2

    loving my 13inch... they have upped the specs but not the price, the middle base model now is my upgraded model... boo..

    Going back to beta of 10.10, would a 4GB ram mac mini be fast enough? Tempted to give it a go if there is still quota left for download...

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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