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  • Yeah it’s compatible- 2021 m1 mbp

  • M2 Pro mac mini looks interesting and relatively good value (when compared to the m2 max 16" mbp)

  • Sold a mac a while ago and the new owner now gets a popup asking him to log in to my icloud to remove the device from my "Find my". I completely wiped the computer and did a clean install (or so I thought!) but it doesn't seem to have been a great success

    I'm not gonna give him my icloud password, but I'm very keen to help him out. Any ideas on how to best solve it? I'm thinking maybe remote desktop? Though I'd like to avoid spending £££ on apples own app. Is there any cheaper alternatives?

    Or any other ways to solve it? I've already removed the mac from all instances of Find My that I can access, but it doesn't seem to work....

  • maybe remote desktop?

    ..yea, think that would be good? Ask him to install TeamViewer or something and connect?

  • TeamViewer seems like a good option. Few ££ but worth it if it works

  • @kboy If they have your contact details they can directly request a Remote Desktop session from the messages.app on the mac, no need to install anything. You can also request to initiate/take control. In a message thread to the contact, click the i in the circle, top right corner of the messages app window and select ‘request to share desktop’ (can’t remember exact wording as on phone sorry!). If they’re in front of the screen they’ll get an accept/deny notification.

    This is v useful for providing tech support to ageing parents also.

  • I think you can log into iCloud from any device and remove the Mac you sold. I’ve just tried logging into iCloud.com from my iPad and there are lots of option in the find my section.

  • Just use Zoom. I feel like everyone knows how to use Zoom at this point.
    Ask him to share his screen then you can request remote control.

  • Tried this, removed it from a few places but the dialogue keeps coming up on his machine 🤷♂️

    Assume I need to log in to my icloud there and somehow disconnect it from there

  • Good shout, thank you

  • Also a good shout, this might be the easiest way. Will it let me control the mac though? I'm not gonna read my password out loud to him

  • Yup, you can request control to take over mouse and keyboard. Again, they get an accept/deny notification. It does open up a voice channel at the same time so keep your explicit muttering to a minimum (again more a parental tech support consideration)

    More info on it all here.

  • If they have your contact details they can directly request a Remote Desktop session from the messages.app on the mac, no need to install anything.

    Ah, I always forget this is an option nowadays - does this work well?
    Basically, I've always been using (the free version) of TeamViewer to help friends and family with stuff.. worked fine usually with a few hickups (sometimes freezing / lagging / aborting connection).

    Apple's own Remote Desktop thing is just for mac / mac connections though, right (no mac / iphone) ?

  • Did you sort this? Haven't found Ventura a huge upgrade, so don't think you are missing much :)

  • I've found that shift command 4 let's me screenshot part of the screen, but then how do I paste this into an email/word doc etc?

  • No haven't sorted it - it's only the using iphone as camera thing I want it for, so no major rush. As I'm not living at home at the moment I'm just getting annoyed at how pants the macbook camera is especially without decent lighting

  • It keeps that image in the lower right corner of the screen, you can drag it directly from there into your email draft for example (if you wait a few seconds it will disappear from the lower right corner, and can then be found on your desktop - from where you could also drag it somewhere, or use the add-attachement feature (paper-clip sympol or via the menus) to add it to your email etc.

  • Doesn't it just end up as an image on your desktop? So you could be able to drag and drop or import it as a picture like you would with any other image.

    Edit: That ^

  • ctrl+cmd+shift+4 grabs straight to clipboard, no file on desktop middle step.

  • Thanks all. ctrl+cmd+shift+4 is optimal although finger intensive.

    Now if only I could get the bar at the bottom to appear on both screens I'd be happy.

  • Check this: https://knowledge.autodesk.com/search-re­sult/caas/CloudHelp/cloudhelp/ENU/SKETPR­O-Help/files/sb-basics/SKETPRO-Help-sb-b­asics-secondary-monitor-setup-mac-users-­html-html.html

    Back out to System Preferences and select Mission Control. Place a check in the Displays have separate Spaces box. If your dock is at the bottom your display, it will be at the bottom of both displays.

  • yeah that feature does look pretty nifty.

  • Customise keyboard shortcuts You can customise some keyboard shortcuts
    by changing the key combinations.

    On your Mac, choose Apple menu > System Settings, click Keyboard in
    the sidebar (you may need to scroll down), then click Keyboard
    Shortcuts on the right.

    In the list on the left, select a category, such as Mission Control or

    In the list on the right, select the tickbox next to the shortcut you
    want to change.

    Double-click the current key combination, then press the new key
    combination you want to use.

    You can’t use each type of key (for example, a letter key) more than
    once in a key combination.

    Quit and reopen any apps you’re using for the new keyboard shortcut to
    take effect.

    If you assign a keyboard shortcut that already exists for another
    command or app, your new shortcut won’t work. Find the menu command
    that’s using it, then reassign the keyboard shortcut for that item.

    If you want to return all the shortcuts to their original keystroke
    combinations, go to Keyboard settings, click Keyboard Shortcuts, then
    click Restore Defaults in the lower-left corner.


  • ^^^ displays doesn't work, but ^keyboard shortcuts is useful, thanks

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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