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  • or placing your phone next to the speaker to transfer music.

    If you play something on your phone, and hold it near your HomePod a screen should pop up asking you if you want to transfer it to the HomePod. Have a look at the link below:

  • My HomePods show up in that list so somethings not right. I’d be tempted to reset the mini(s) which you can do in the home app. Long press the HomePod mini in home, then choose accessory details, scroll all the way to the bottom and tap the settings cog, scroll to the bottom again and reset.

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  • I've got an old Ipad 2 64gb A1395, its spent most of its life unused, fully charged it even still lasts a good few hours.

    Is there anyway to make it functional to at least have a decent working browser on it?
    Absolutely nothing on the app store is supported.

    I know nothing about Jailbreak, but would doing that at least get it supporting a recent version of Chrome so I can keep it just to browse online?

  • Yeah, I’m a moron. I generally have the Wi-Fi on my phone switched off because our internet connection is so shit and I have unlimited data/5g on my phone. I hadn’t appreciated that AirPlay is reliant on the wifi connection.

    So it now all works as expected, as long as it doesn’t start raining outside. Fingers crossed that bt turn up to replace our line soon.

  • Hopefully you figured that out before trying my idea to reset and avoided all that faff. Got there in the end!

  • Lol, I did try a couple of times, but I couldn’t get the reset option to appear. So my incompetence saved me that at least.

  • @HousecatHST After a particular frustrating day where my HomePod Mini's refused to play as a stereo pair, I brought a TP-Link wi-fi router and put my Virgin Superhub into modem mode to feed it. Night and day difference, the Mini's work really well now. A combo of the Superhub being a crap wi-fi router, and the Mini's being finicky over their wi-fi connection probably.

    I've been listening to a fair bit of Atmos mixed Jazz over the Stereo Mini pair lately, and really enjoying it. Coltrane's Blue Train in particular sounds fantastic.

  • I bought an Apple Watch Ultra- regrets, I have a few. It’s incredibly annoying because some of the key things I want from it don’t work. I’ll have to book an appointment at the Apple Store I think to talk through why the ECG app won’t work and why activities won’t transfer from the watch to the activity app. 2/10.

  • Got it to work and:

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  • So the watch was working, just your too chilled?

  • Do some star jumps?

  • It's not simply because you're wearing it too loosely on your wrist for the HR sensor (and probably other stuff) to work properly, is it?

  • If you want to raise your heart rate, have twin boys

  • Quick, weigh something only to find out your previous assumption was an order of micrograms out.

  • Amateur hour. It’s when it buzzes you to tell you it’s under 40 that you’re doing ok (or dead).

  • regrets, I have a few

    And now I've got Frank Sinatra stuck in my head, wonderful

  • I'm unable to save files to a Google drive when downloading on my Mac Air M2 - the error message says that permissions are restricted and cant see where these permissions can be accessed/changed. However, I can for another Google Drive and a OneDrive account.

    Annoyingly it's the Drive I use for work that I can't save direct to.

    Anyone know how to fix?

    I have removed the account and re-added it but no luck. Anyone else had this issue and any ideas on how to fix it?

  • I'm selling some Airpod Pros 1st Gen with box (with unused cable inside), £100? Will post a pic later when home. Just upgraded to the 2nd Gen.

  • I would like a monitor to go with my Air 2020 M1, 8gb. I am recently un-retired and work on word docs, have to open other stuff rarely, lots of emails, web surfing, iplayer, YouTube,photos. Really basic needs, no gaming or video editing or anything remotely clever. I have a small work space so no need for bigger than 24 inch.
    I have no need or desire to get a new Apple one at vast expense, but I look at it for a few hours a day, so want to get something “nice” and idiot proof. New recommendations appreciated, or if anyone has anything 2nd hand that is fine.
    I have done some googling but only managed to confuse myself. In short, I will do whatever anybody sensible suggests. Thanks.

  • I have done some googling but only managed to confuse myself.

    Haha, I know the feeling.

    Sorry I don't know much about screens but I'm sure somebody will help in a second 👍

  • Budget? Roughy screen size?

    I would suggest one with USB C PD (power delivery) and speakers. Then you’ll have only one cable which charges and displays as well as ok sound.

  • Thanks. Yes, as little cable clutter as possible. On my Air I am not quite sure what the usb thing is, but it has 2 ports on the unit, has the same usb as the other end that plugs in to the wall, and is of course different to my iPhone.
    Size - no bigger than 24. 21 could be fine. It will be c 1meter from my eyes.
    Budget - is 200-300 doable? As mentioned I look at it for hours, so if I need to spend a bit more that is ok, as is a bit less. I like to keep computer stuff for maybe 4 years before the need (ie itch) to replace.

  • It's not cheap, but if your budget can stretch the LG 24MD4KL is currently £579 at Amazon, which is a bargain of a price. IMO it’s by far the best 4K 24” screen for a Mac. It’s a single cable solution (charges your laptop at the same time) which works with the brightness and volume buttons on your keyboard and is really well built and pretty. Even the speakers are great for a monitor. I only got rid of mine to get the new Apple 27” display.

  • Larger than you asked for but this is a bargain right now: https://www.hp.com/gb-en/shop/product.as­px?id=3b1w4aa&opt=abu&sel=mto

    This also fits the bill: https://www.hp.com/gb-en/shop/product.as­px?id=459J3AA&opt=ABU&sel=MTO

    Neither will set the world in fire but they’re good for within your budget.

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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