Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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  • Looks like a w127 Winkel by Wastberg.

  • 👏 yup. W127 c1.
    @Soul it’s handled everything fine so far, light illustrator/medium InDesign/light PowerPoint. No regrets apart from it still being too big and heavy ;) I’m 50:50 between it and my
    iMac right now but off on holiday end of next week then the test-proper begins. What’s the ETA on yours?

  • Nice. 9th - 16th August.

    Checked one out in the Apple Store yesterday and it’s so much more portable than the 16”

  • Thanks for the id, looks great

  • studio display? worth it?

  • Probably not by any objective measure. Dunno really; it works, it’s retina, colours look nice and I don’t really notice it which is the point I think? It’s considerably bigger than the MacBook Air screen which is the obvious plus. Speakers are good but I don’t use them. Braided cable is tasty if you haven’t bought anything since the rubber cable era. Panel area sits about 15mm lower than my iMac which irritates me an irrational amount. It could do with a few more ports on the back, a bit lacking compared to the iMac but I suppose the expectation is you’ll be largely running it off the mac studio which makes up for the deficit. With the air there is some inevitable dongle life in my future. I’m sure other screens at a fraction of the price do the job better but I didn’t really look into it.

  • Donating my 24" LG UltraFine 4k to my wife and requirements for replacement are: 'as quality glosssy display as the LG, height adjustable, integrated webcam and microphone' so the height adjustable studio is clearly the bougie option, but tempting

  • Anyone got an old MacBook charger they don’t need? My sister’s one died.

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  • height adjustable! I think it's cheaper to stack £50s under the non-adjustable stand to get it where you want it.

    It's a nice thing. If you like nice things, you'll like it.

  • maybe i'll stack up some the modern house coffee table books

  • I was originally going to suggest purchasing a few phaidon tomes on Pawson ;)

  • Macbook has shipped from China. Guess it might be here by EOW.

  • NMBD


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  • Mild lol at how small it looks in your pics vs how big in mine.

  • prolly do, please message me?

  • Yeah, it's a massive difference. So far so good on capabilities too - absolutely no noticeable difference in speed on my daily workflow.

    Will evaluate for another week but likely be selling the 16" this month.

  • Selling my 27” 5k iMac - thread here - https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/3785­91/

    Happy to answer questions.

  • Advice needed - am eligible for funding through my local council who'll contribute 40% of costs towards new IT equipment for sole traders/start-ups.

    Want to make the transfer to Macs and am looking at either Air or Mini + monitor. It will be a combination of usual - Office/Google Docs/browsing/streaming/video calls plus video editing and also like to use for home recording/audio mixing.

    Would the Air handle the above as there is an opportunity for me to work while travelling next year? Assume I'd need a monitor as 90% time will be working from home and want to have a nice clean setup.

  • Would the Air handle the above

    Yes, it will probably have a hard time with the video editing though, depending on what exactly you're planning to do 💁🏼

  • Thanks. Would be pretty basic Premiere Pro work every few months when I need to edit videos for clients. Certainly not regular/daily usage.

    Perfect scenario would be to have new Air + mac mini/mac but £££.

  • Would the Air handle the above

    Yes, comfortably. Latest Air (M2) I think is quicker than latest Mini anyway

    Is that a M2 Air that @Soul is thinking of replacing his 16" Macbook Pro with?

  • It's here and it's already replaced it. More than enough grunt to perform all the necessary daily tasks listed above.

    I did go with 24Gb of unified memory though so it was £££

  • 2017 macbook pro has started running like shit, taking forever to open images on PS, beach balling like fuck at simple tasks. Not quite ready to change yet, any suggestions at where i can start to look to why?

    Not downloaded anything recently, no new updates and 100gb on the hard drive.

  • You might have cryptomining malware or something similar. See what’s happening in Activity Monitor for a start.

    I’d just make a backup and nuke it; fresh OS install & see what happens.

  • Might have to, even simple stuff isnt opening. ~disk ultility is just giving a spinning ball. Hardly open 12gb used.

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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