Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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  • Yep, the fall detection is ideal for particularly vulnerable people as well. My 75ish y/o father in law has one, and I’ll be strongly encouraging my mum & dad before they start getting a bit more unsteady.

  • I replaced my 1st gen one with a gen 6 in stainless steel last year. When I tried on a few at the store the stainless looked much better. It's a fair bit more money but I use it a lot and it's a great way to have music while running without carrying a phone.

  • Yea those stainless steel ones look kinda cool @Airhead -
    does it work well with the display being always-on though?
    I mean how many years does it last like that (I guess the battery is not replaceable with these)?

  • While on the apple site I also checked out the new MacBook Air's - finally, matte black, ha!
    Looks amazing.

    I did realize they moved away from the slanted design and made the Air "boxy" as well.
    What a shame, I always found them so comfortable for the palms with their thin edge on the front..

  • finally, matte black

    The midnight colour is more of a deep blue black though. Same colour they use on Apple Watch. I was keen to go for that colour though but the Marques Brownlee video makes it look like a fingerprint nightmare.

    I’m very into the more modern shape with smaller bezels, been eagerly waiting for that redesign. And so glad MagSafe is back!

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  • Oh fuck, didn't realize it's actually dark blue-ish. That sucks!
    They'll probably save the black for the next MBP's, haha.

    I never notice the bezels with the old Air's to be frank, what I do notice is the fucking notch with the new ones 🙂

  • Not sure how long the screen life will be but the early generation screens would pop out in heat when the batteries got old and expanded anyway. I had my gen 1 replaced and replaced a battery myself in the years I owned it.

    The advantage with stainless is you can pair it with a cheap stainless bracelet and even ebay leather straps look decent as the colour reflects in the watch body.

  • I don’t really understand why the notch is on MacBooks as they don’t even have Face ID (why is that btw?) And wouldn’t the smaller notch size that’s used on iPhones fit in this small bezel on a MacBook anyway – like the iPad Pro?

    Maybe it’s just about leaning into that design choice and using it as a clear brand identifier, plus something to remove in a few years time.

  • ..you mean like that fucking touch bar?

  • Wheres the best place to buy a cheap but reliable ipad? Its for my mum to watch some videos on youtube every now and then. Ideally sub £100? Haven't begun research yet but hoping someone can point me in the right direction quickly. thx

  • I've chugged the Kool-Aid & sold it to myself by thinking of it as two freebie blocks of pixels above the actual screen, rather than a fucking stupid inert black bar encroaching into my workspace.

  • Try BackMarket. I’ve purchased iPads iPhones and a MacBook Pro via there with no problems

  • I have one with a keyboard case that you can have for £50 if you like it 😊 Not super new but good condition for its age

  • A Hyundai IX's car stereo system automatically starts playing music from the library of an iPhone as soon as it's connected with an USB cable (to charge it) - how do I stop this?

    I have been googling for a while, and it seemed that the solution with the curent iOS is to uncheck "CarPlay" in Screen Time > Content & Privacy restrictions > allowed apps - alas this does not solve the problem; as soon as you unlock the iPhone to do anything with it, it starts playing music 💁

    Does anybody know how to fix this?
    As a workaround I think I could buy one of those cigarette lighter-to-USB-things, and charge the iPhone with this / without establishing a connection between iPhone and car stereo, yet it seems like there should be a smarter solution 🙂

  • I was thinking of buying an iPad Pro. Presumably I'd be mad to buy one now, rather than wait till the M2 ones drop later this year yes?

  • You can get these things which cut the data connection on USB and only charge.

  • will check those out, thanks 👍

  • Have you tried reading the manual?

  • You won’t notice the notch after a few hours. You can also hide it very easily.

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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