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  • As far as I could tell from their website, the USB A ports don't charge attached devices.

  • think it may depend on how much power the device requires.
    My one happily charges my phone, usb A to Lightning, but won't do my ipad.
    I'd get a usb C to usb A (female) this
    and charge through that, as the Satechi always have at least one PD port, or just plug it into MBP and charge through there.

  • I've got the 4 port MBP... so I could just get a collection of all of the Apple dongles.

    Hmm, this seems wise 👍

  • @kboy no it doesn’t
    @duncs i couldn’t do the weird shortcut combos at the first screen(alt shift f2 repeated etc) to get the accessibility so 2 min walk to sainsburys for a 9.99 logitech mouse which was worth it in the end as i had loads of apps to download, licences and logins to deal with and the wacom would move and not click so had to faff around while downloading other apps.
    mostly sorted now.
    just opened some PS animations and they play even when jumping around the sizing (fill screen/50%/100% etc) without issue and opened a huge 20000x30000 pixel 16bit multilayer job and did a transform and rotate which while not instantaneous in showing the changes was not something i could do in real time before, in fact i would have to flatten to even contemplate it or accept that i wouldn’t get a preview of what i was doing or i would sit there shouting at it to ‘do something’
    it’s just a computer but i expect to save some time here and there and not run into scratch/memory issues with 45gb given to PS.

  • Yeah, I've got a couple of them to carry around, so I don't have to disconnect the hub and take that with me as well. Also they are my connectivity back up in case the hub goes tits up, I'm not left being unable to connect anything to the laptop.

  • Great, thanks for the insight.
    49” is huge!

  • Yeah. Plenty of real estate.

    49” super wide vs 43” 4:3

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  • I really miss the 4:3 format of my old 30" ciname display (the old alu ones). Widescreen doesn't really make sense on desktop I think

    Need to sort my office.

  • I have a henge dock which i think is class but they aren't the cheapest

  • Asked this in the wifi thread but thought I’d ask here as well

    I’m having issues with my Missus new work MacBook Air connecting to the internet via wifi and Ethernet, it won’t automatically connect via DHCP, so I have to either do DHCP with a manual address or totally manual. Also when I enter the IP address, DNS details and subnet mask, into network preferences, it doesn’t remember them, if I attempt to revert back to DHCP even when I renew the DHCP lease.
    It feels like her work IT dept haven’t set it up properly, as I’ve never had to do this much fiddling with the network preferences for any of the macs I’ve brought and/or used.

    So any thoughts on what’s going on, and/or can point me in the direction of any “howto set up the wifi and Ethernet on your Mac” guides, would be appreciated..

  • No idea about this things tbh as I'm a plug-and-pray kinda person, but this sounds like her IT-department requireres some separate settings compared to a normal wifi-network?

    Maybe the 'locations' thing will help? So she can have to sets of settings and just switch 'location' between home and work? Still annoying though

  • Yeah there may be something in what you say.
    I am also a plug and play guy (one of the reasons I like macs, is I don’t “usually” need to know/understand/engage with any of this stuff) but this working from home thing has made me into the house IT GUY, as my missus knows less than I do but is also very vocal about how much she needs it to be working, but won’t then try and figure it out, so I have to work it out..
    Hey ho..

  • Same here. Since I “work with computers” I’m the whole family’s IT guy. Especially when my dads ancient pc laptop doesn’t connect to his brand new wifi printer. EVEN THOUGH THEYRE IN THE SAME ROOM.

  • My other half has an old iMac that she doesn't use anymore (actually barely ever did - she bought it for school work but didn't get on with making PowerPoint etc on it) and wants to sell. Problem is, she doesn't remember her password anymore, and she's the admin. There might be some photos or things on there that she wants (she's awful at backing things up and never knows where anything is) and she wants to get in to check, and reset it to factory before selling. Is there a way to do that? Or is it impossible without the password?

  • I think....if you take the disc out, whack it in a USB caddy, plug that in to another Mac, then as admin on that Mac change the permissions of all the files then pull the files off, you can then blat the disc and put a fresh installer for whatever OS/X it takes.

    Unless the disc was encrypted too. In which case all the stuff is gone.

    Maybe follow this guide for older OS/X and hope you don't get to the bottom?

  • depends on how old it is.
    You used to be able to connect macs together and then start up the mac with issues whilst holding down (T) to show it as a target disk, which means you can see the hdd on it on the other macs desktop and can copy any files from it that you need, as it's just viewed as an external drive.

  • Last few posts really hit home.
    Sending thoughts and prayers to all domestic IT admins.

  • Dunno if it’s still possible but I got access to someone else’s profile on her iMac once by booting it up in single user mode (IIRC) and changing the profile folder to that of a new user I had set up.

  • I want a small speaker/speakers for my mac studio but mainly just to listen to podcasts/streamed radio and the audio from youtube ‘how to’ videos.
    i don’t want critical music listening (have a hi-fi and headphones/dac for that) it would be great if it had a mic so you could do zoom calls but not essential.
    at the moment i have an old sonos which doesn’t do airplay so i used to update the podcasts feed on the mac and then use the sonos phone app to listen but as thats fiddly i just used the app on the laptop and listened on that but the MacBook audio was very good considering it’s size but the mac studio is not as good as it’s only meant for notification sounds/bongs/chimes/pings.

    i don’t want a black and shiny monitor speaker that looks like it featured in the Tandy catalog but some unobtrusive whit/grey/black fabric covered thing.

    i have a 15% off sonos upgrade so could get a new OneSLbut no idea how this will integrate/work as a computer speaker or a refurbed older Bose soundlink revolve?

    there is the apple HomePod mini but evidently there is lag which is crap for watching video.

  • One SL but no idea how this will integrate/work as a computer speaker

    I think it doesn't, not easily. Annoyingly the One's don't have a line in. I think it's only the Five that does. It's annoying, and it stopped me getting them as PC speakers a while back.

    Official-ish reply says that it's not a good solution too. So I'd probably ignore Sonos for this

  • HomePod mini will not do zoom calls from the Mac, if you want to use one for zoom you have to dial into the call using a phone.

  • there is the apple HomePod mini but evidently there is lag which is crap for watching video.

    Just checked this with mine, opened up a random YouTube vid and clicked about. No lag on play, a hint on pause/stop. Fine to cut to middle of video/jump around.

    If you're expecting the heavy 2-second delay of old, that's a relic of airplay 1; airplay 2 is a considerable improvement.

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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