Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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  • Yeah true. Might be cheaper to get a decent spec iMac M1Pro

  • I upgrade my SSD first, and then upgrade my RAM. I think I went from 4gb to 8gb so half as much as yours. However, it was the SSD that made the biggest difference, I didn't really notice it improve significantly more from the upgraded RAM.

  • Thinking of picking up the MBA 16gb but really not sure of the RAM.
    Mainly used for lightroom and photos plus browsing. No video editing or gaming.

    What are your thoughts?

  • I think you'd be fine even with the 8Gb version. Honestly, 16Gb should be more than enough.

    I had the M1 MBP 8Gb and it ran a metric shit ton of stuff without any slowdown.

    I have the 32Gb 10-core Max now in the 16 inch and I haven't even got near the headroom it has.

  • Rumoured to be around £2.5k though so....

    Take my mon...no wait no

  • honestly kills me that apple wont let there iMacs be used as displays any more, I'd buy an m1 iMac immediately.

  • Ha. Yup!

    Still just a rumour but I won't be rushing out for one if true...

  • That's reassuring. Currently I've got some i7 16gb dell that handles most of what I throw at it.

  • Same here. Did a lot of research before giving up and getting a half decent dell screen. An early gen iMac 5k would’ve been a better option.

  • In my quest for sorting out my dead monitor situation, I've hit a impasse.

    The LG UltraFine 27" which LG claimed wasn't discontinued appears to be discontinued. Although there maybe or maybe not be some available in May 2022. But, the alternatives don't seem that great for the money. So, now I'm looking at an iMac instead. Is this a really bad idea?

  • I wouldn't bother buying an Intel iMac now.

  • Has anyone tried AirPlay screen sharing (wired) a la https://youtu.be/dNujbk9RJWc


    It looks slick.. but i dont have anyway of testing it out

  • I used my ipad as a second display with my new MBP. Didn't test it too much but worked while also having a second monitor plugged in. Acted like a separate screen, could mirror or extend the desktop.

    Edit, mine was not wired.

  • I'd wait for the apple silicon imacs too. Do you def need 27"? If not, the current 24" imacs looks like a great buy

  • And 24” is 4.5k screen. Pretty high def for the size

  • Do you def need 27"

    Not really, but it would be nice. I've got used to a nice 4K screen and it's a good part of my workflow. I don't even need an iMac, I'm completely laptop based, it's just the cost of a good 4K screen which doesn't like like it will fall apart isn't far off an iMac. I've even looked at importing the LG 27" Ultrafine, but that comes to the price of an iMac. #firstworldproblems

  • Maybe some of you use /used PC's as well, and are familiar with IrvanView -

    what I'm looking for is an image viewer for macOS that makes it possible to

    • double-click on an image file, and have it open in fullscreen, fit-to-screen
    • as in: as large as possible, maybe with black bars left/right or top/bottom if the ratio doesn't fit
      but no menu-bars or visible UI of any kind
    • [esc] or whatever closes and shuts down the whole app (or at least minimises it so it's "gone")

  • Sounds like something that could be achieved with a window manager app rather than an image viewer app

  • So I have noticed that the black bar where MacBook pro is on my MacBook has a crack in it.

    I have a 2017 and there is a recall on the keyboard which my keyboard is faulty. Will apple body swerve fixing it because if this hairline crack which I have no idea how it happened.

  • Drop it in, don't mention the crack, hope for the best?

  • To ‘fix’ the keyboard they replace the whole top of the mb so you get a new trackpad / battery to boot - so glad I took ours in - like a new machine.

  • Anytime ive been in previous they seem to go over it with a fine tooth comb. Sticker on lid, etc etc etc and its like black pool illuminations in every apple store to show ever flaw.

  • Thats class, as my battery has just started to show service battery now.

  • What's everyone's favourite lightning cable that offers better value than the original apple (as in, cheaper)? Ive used IKEA ones before and they seemed alright, no long term experience.

  • Wireless charging and leave the cable in the box works for me

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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