Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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  • Surfing, streaming, gaming and as a portable work email/doc reading and markup device (using the pen). It pretty much goes everywhere with me M-F and lives on the coffee table at weekends. I have a bus and tube (MTR) commute so downloaded shit tv is needed for that. The laptop is the dust gathering device as it only gets used when both of us are working from home which for me is rare. The wife has a desktop in her office and we have a Mac mini in the living room as a media device (with vpn for geo locked content like strictly). I use the iPad as a sidecar screen for that so I can set downloads running while the main screen is showing the latest interpretation of a Viennese Waltz performed to the venga boys.

  • Also video editing on the fly (360 to reframed action cam style stuff for club social media)

  • Face time calls to mum and zoom calls for work.

  • I just got the iPad Pro, pencil and keyboard in the states - landed yesterday morning and by lunchtime the wife had decided the keyboard was better served for her (she doesn’t have a non-work laptop and just started mat leave).

    On the flight I was able to make notes and work on some docs. Which means I don’t need a laptop and notepad and even though the keyboard folio isn’t light it’s more portable than MacBook or MacBook Air. Yesterday I used it as a notepad when working from home.

    I have a (personal) 2015 MBP which I think this will replace but I’d still need a dedicated work laptop because whilst good it’s not the same.

    I had looked at getting a Remarkable for note taking which is much nicer than the iPad but is literally only for taking notes and would mean I’d still need to carry a laptop. If we ever go back to office I can have work laptop, home laptop and iPad as the travel device

  • I’ve put into lots of nice paragraphs to make golf thread quoting easier…

  • I only use mine for testing websites on an iPad. Then it goes back in the desk drawer.

  • I use it to watch Netflix mostly. I am one of those people who puts in random movies when I write. So my iPad sits between my monitor and keyboard on my desk.

  • Different people seem to get wildly diffferent use out of them.


    It's a bit like whether you think it's easier to make hummus or buy it.

    If you're not a tablet user you'll never been one, and it will just be for a couple of out niche cases. Whether it's worth keeping for those is your call. But sell it or give it to charity rather than leaving in a box.

  • Ha, same. I was looking for the cheapest, most-vanilla, no-frills iPad to buy new and there’s nothing in the channel until December 20.

  • I'm trying to squeeze every last ounce of use from a mid 2012 MacBook Pro rather than replace it.

    Long shot but does any one have suitable RAM sitting about they can sell for cheaps? Looking for 2 x 4gb sticks or maybe 2 x 8gb but that would be exceeding its apparent 8gb max.

    The spec I'm after is 'PC3-12800 DDR3 1600 MHz type RAM'

  • I’ve got a couple of 8GB (Kingston-branded) sticks from a MBP 2011-ish?

  • are they 1600 MHz?

    I think if from a 2011 mbp they will be 1333 MHz?

  • Yeah. Sorry, I didn’t include the Kingston part code: KTA-MB1600/8G (DDR3 non-ECC and all that jazz)

  • They’re an aftermarket upgrade. I don’t think any 17” MBPs shipped with 16GB back then and I don’t think more than 8GB was officially supported anyway.

  • Yeah I think that would work - ill pm

  • Is this still for sale?

  • Afraid not - sold on eBay last week.

  • Going to pull the trigger on a new machine tonight. I don't suppose anyone has a burning desire to buy my souped-up 2010 Mac Pro, by any chance?!

  • Anyone got an unlocked iPhone 5, 6 or 7 that they could sell me? Buying for a friend, his budget is £80. Do please holla x

  • Weird, probs have mad prices on parts so you'll still be better getting them to fix it.

  • I use my iPad pro for pro create or watching a film ive loaded onto it thats about it.

  • Isn't that due to a new law in the US?

  • Not quite. It was shareholder pressure that was going to lead to a possible lawsuit...


  • Out of curiosity, what spec? Friend of mine has one and says it's still powering through heavy design files without hiccups

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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