Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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  • That's my methodology. It's for work and I use it a lot (Photographer/some video). I have never stayed awake at night thinking "I'm such an idiot, I wish I hadn't paid £400 for those extra cores"

  • Looking at it again, they have made the checkout/upgrade interface in a weird way.
    You can upgrade the 16" M1 Pro to have a 24 or 32 Core Max chip, but if you start by selecting the 16" M1 Max, you automatically get the 32 core with no option for the 24.

  • WUT!?
    I have loads more than that, need to go hunt out that deal, last time I checked my Avios I couldn't Gert anything good.
    And my sis lives in Valencia.

    Just check, how did you find this flights? I found none from City and was only able to save 70 quid using Avios?

  • We were doing returns from VLC to LHR so maybe the taxes are different?

    Edit: This is what I see trying to go in either direction ... I underestimated, Economy is 23,500 points per person, and Business is 40,000

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  • yeah, saw that as well, makes you think about the drop off from 32 core to 24 core? But if you're down that rabbit hole, you'd go biggest chip/most ram you can get wouldn't you.

  • Might be worth starting another thread (and generating some humblebrag golf club gold at the same time) but read the guides on headforpoints/thepointsguy etc.
    there are websites that show peak/off peak dates as reward flights become available 355 days ahead. you have to plan ahead if you want max value from a companion voucher.
    there are also reward flight savers where you just pay avios and a fixed amount of tax which can be good value if european flights are expensive at particular times.

    we spent 114000 points and £1050 on 2 returns to Tokyo business out/Premium back, saved about £5-6k (not that i would ever pay full RRP to fly business ) the money part is all taxes.

  • Yes please to new thread

    Flight points and monocle subscription thread >>>>>

  • I've been asked to help convert some DVDs to a format that can be played on an ipad for a relative.

    Any pointers on what format I need to use?

    My laptops are Ubuntu and Windows, rather than Mac, so appreciate this may not definitely be the right thread.


  • Best iPad for the casual user? They would like a/the keyboard. Will be email, zoom, web browsing.

  • Use Handbrake, it has presets for Apple devices.

  • I've only ripped one, but did it via handbrake which you can get for linux and windows.

    and then ask it to reformat the ts files it spits out into whatever format you want, depending on how big the final file size you want should be, and/or the final quality of the file.

    edit: as @aggi says

    your best bet to play it on an ipad would be h.264, but make sure you double check what the original's framerate was so 24/25/29/30fps and make sure the reformatted one reflects that.

  • Currently have 3 companion vouchers, 400k points but a 2015 old MBP 🥲

  • I just logged into BA for the first time since Covid kicked off in earnest and can reveal (drum roll please) that I have 10,980 Avios. I'm ok with it if you chaps want to say you know me in order to impress your friends.

  • Best iPad for the casual user? They would like a/the keyboard. Will be email, zoom, web browsing

    The new "regular" one - https://www.apple.com/uk/ipad-10.2/

  • I've been telling people you're my big brother for years

  • I need to clear my hoard:
    No chargers again I'm afraid as still using them.

    1. MBP 15" 2019 2.4 8core, 32GB 2400 DDR4, 1TB, 4GB Radeon, Intel UHD 1536. Cycle Count 278.
      Battery 'Normal'
      £800 (available after the weekend 1/11)
    2. Macbook Retina 2017 12" 1.3 Dual i5, 8GB 1867 LDDR3, Intel 615 1536MB. Cycle Count 537. Battery Normal.
      Currently without an OS- ready for installation of whichever iOS you choose.
    3. iPad Pro 12.9 inch 4th Gen 512 GB+ magic keyboard + pencil.
    4. iPhone 7 Plus + case.
    5. iPhone 11 Pro

    All in excellent condition.

  • That sounds super interesting, will hunt them out, thanks for the tip. I've never actually managed to get a companion voucher so far, tinnies at the crack bench and a burrito on a Friday dont add up too quick.

    Will move off points chat and +1 for new normal iPad for a regular user.

  • I converted 280,000 Asia Miles into flights for me and t’wife recently. I still have 100,000+ in my account.

    She has 32,236 Avios points.

    I’m OK with you saying you know me to impress random people on the internet.

  • So shiny. So overpowered.

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  • Function keys. So glad I sent my M1 back.

    What's in the peli?

  • I’m going to be the quickest PowerPoint user in the whole world.

  • Literally nothing. Used to have some production camera gear in it. It’s now used as a laptop stand for video calls…

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  • Is it weighed down? They're quite light. And is the stand fixed to the case? I.e. has someone repurposed it properly or are you just balancing and crossing fingers?

  • Love an orange peli case.

    Still trying to find reasons to get an overspecced MBP

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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