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  • Truly, how do people cope with the touch bar. Can you turn it off/lock it to a function? It changes all the fucking time - what should be a muscle memory adjustment becomes 30 seconds of enraged finger stabbing. Baffling.

  • Yea that thing fucking sucks.

    It took me a while, but I managed to basically switch it off / make it only show F1-F12 when I hold [Fn] and be a nice, useless black bar the rest of the time using Better Touch Tool.

    You can also "lock" it to certain things ("not change all the time") / customize that "control strip" - check system preferences > keyboard..

  • Thanks, made a note of Better Touch Tool. Gonna take it back and if they come out with an m1x this month I'll try that. Currently getting just 10 frames a second playback on the footage I wanted to review so pretty much useless as is.

    Just baffled by who thought the touch bar was a good idea? I just want to lower the fucking volume!

  • For volume or screen brightness it's not that bad. But I often press escape with my pinky by accident which is really annoying.

    For what it's worth, I think I was able to get playback of 6k BRAW footage in a 1080 timeline in in Davinci on my 2016 (first touchbar) mbp. And grade it without major issues. Setting the timeline to 6k was a different matter.

  • yeah I have a 17 with it and it’s shite. I’ve just learned to deal with it.

  • Does anyone know if plugging a 1TB drive into a BT router can be made to work for time machine back ups?

  • Rumour has it that the Touch Bar is getting canned on the upcoming MacBooks.

  • If your router can make it appear on the network as an SMB file share, possibly.

    Some jiggery-pokery used to be required to make Time Machine see it. Not sure if it still is.

  • Why not get an old airport time capsule? They're pretty cheap second hand these days

  • Apple event confirmed. Bring me an iMac please.

  • I used to do this with an AirPort Extreme, which was plugged into a BT router.
    Its actually going spare if of interest?

  • It'll be MacBooks, doubt it'll be iMacs as the MacBooks are going to be a massive deal.

  • Interesting, I'd not heard of airport stuff until now. I'm not sure it would be a popular move to hand over router responsibilities to tech that's almost a decade old at this point though?

    @chrisbmx116 out of interest what are you using to back up these days instead of the extreme? And how much would you want for it?

  • I deliberately have Wi-Fi turned off on my provider-supplied modem and use a first-gen Time Capsule instead and it's absolutely rock solid.

    You could happily do the opposite if you preferred, either wired or wirelessly.

  • Think you can hook the airport up to your existing WiFi rag there than letting it take over

  • Not sure what they are worth these days TBH, they have had updates over the last few years though and still hold their own speed wise against most the newer stuff.
    I am 100% cloud back up these days, I pay for iCloud (now iCloud+ which is amazing as I no longer need email hosting for my custom domains) and keep all documents in there.

  • Just Googled them, such a shame Apple stopped doing routers, wish they'd make some again. My Eero's are good, and HomeKit enabled, but still...

  • Rumourmill rife that the touch bar is out on the mbp next week. Would lol/buy.

  • Fuck maybe i should sell mine now, Touch Bar is such dog shit thing.

  • I think its great for Teams calls. Trash for most other things.

  • Touch Bar is pretty useless. Been using a 16” for about a year and the bar mostly gets touched by mistake or causes moments of “where’s that thing gone”.

    Guess it was one of those concepts that sounds cool initially but introducing a UI that changes dynamically, isn’t tactile and flies in the face of muscle memory was bound to fail.

  • Amount of times I accidentally pressed the Touch Bar - deffo a 👎 for me

  • Anybody in the market for a 16GB M1 MacBook Pro?

  • Better sell it quick! 🙃

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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