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  • Apple Pencil update - some may recall that I had a v2 pencil that would not charge, and I was asking advice.

    In the end I just left it stuck to my iPad and buggered off to do other things - and that did the trick, as when I came back it was at 100%. I left it for probably six or so hours.

    Looks like the battery just needed a long period of time before it started to register - and the 10-15 minutes I'd been giving it previously simply were not long enough for a deeply discharged battery.

    In other news, I'm really enjoying using a CAD program called Shapr - which has meant I'd like two things, the LIDAR that some iPads/phones have, and the larger screen of the bigger iPad Pro.

    Now of course the current, big iPad Pro would provide both of these things.

    However, I'm wondering if the smaller form-factor of the iPhone would be better in order to use the LIDAR?

  • Ted Lasso is fantastic

  • I suppose the smaller iPhone would be more portable and can be held in one hand etc the big iPhone pro screens are quite big but obvs nowhere near the iPad Pro.

    Not sure about Shapr app or purpose but imagine that would be a better UX on an iPad than an iphone?

  • Also did you see my comment about if you decide to shift existing iPad Pro?

  • TFW that brand new Touch Magic keyboard you treated yourself to doesn't work with your pre-M1 MBP... 🤦♂️

    Why do Apple do this? It's mystifying to me...

  • Secure chip required to pass fingerprint data wirelessly between the two devices didn’t exist pre the M1 SOC.

    Not apples fault you didn’t read the product page… 😅

  • It's so annoying!!!! 🤦♂️

  • Hello, abit it a strange one..... Recently set up my old powermac g5. However the wireless mouse and keyboard have stopped working and will not connect to the mac. My question is. Can I use my MacBook Pro be used as an external mouse and keyboard for my g5. My MacBook Pro is version 10.10.5 and can't be updated anymore. And god knows what my g5 is running. Hope you can help

  • Why not pick up a cabled mouse and keyboard from the same era? Can’t cost much

  • Thats an idea long term solution yes. But at the moment I'm just wanting to be able to get on my old computer sooner rather than later that's all.

  • Is it possible that the wireless mouse / keyboard just need new batteries?

  • Unfortunately not. I'll do some trouble shooting. Hopefully the old batteries haven't done any damage

  • Tried target disk mode?

  • Not sure what this is or even I could even access this mode with no mouse or keyboard.....

  • Good point, you'll need a keyboard for it.


    Any keyboard will let you press the T-key though, so if you have an old PC keyboard with a usb lead lying around, use that

  • Do any shops stock a 16GB M1?

    I need something for a prop on a shoot on Friday and had been thinking of getting one but would prefer not to get 8GB (though I could get / return if careful and then get the M1X if it releases later this month).

    Anyone using the M1 to play back R3D or BRAW footage? 8GB sufficient? Not editing, just clean playback/scrubbing for checking files. Obvs get 16GB if it's available anywhere but just in case it isn't want to see that it does want I want it to.

  • I think the Apple stores usually have the top specs and the standard ones. Inbetween ones need to be ordered in.

  • Thanks - I'll see if there's an Apple store between here and Corby I can stop at on the way.

  • Quick question about the Apple Watch...

    Does it store music from Apple Music or Spotify? Can I just use it on a run with a set of bluetooth earphones or is it only if I get the cellular version and stream music?

  • Do any shops stock a 16GB M1?

    I don't think so. You can add a laptop to your basket on the website and if will offer pickup in the checkout process. The 16GB M1 specs I've added are unavailable around central and north London. You might be lucky elsewhere but I wouldn't plan on it.

  • You can add music directly to the watch and the watch can Bluetooth to your headphones without a phone. Storage space ain’t big though.

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  • You can call any apple store, whatever number you dial, it’d get redirected to Apple care, choose a random option and then tell them you need to speak to the store urgently about a laptop you left with them or some other excuse. 9 out of 10 times, they put your through, no questions asked.

  • Went to Apple store in Milton Keynes. Had a 16gb but it was 1tb and I only need 256. Seemed excessive so just got an 8gb. Going to be fine as a prop on Thurs and will do some tests at the weekend with chonky footage. If it plays back well I'll keep it. Not for editing, just footage transfers and playback on set.

  • Unless it’s changed. You can return up to 14 days for any reason. Use it as a prop, then order the one you want/need..

  • Yep, I think this is the answer unfortunately.

    It's nice and quiet but doesn't play r3d back cleanly even at quarter res in Resolve.

    Haven't tried braw/arriraw.

    Pretty underwhelmed.

    And I actively hate the touch bar.

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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