Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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  • Someone mentioned that once the battery runs out - they are dead.

  • I know HB said this, but I can't believe that's the case. Certainly hasn't been for mine, where I've left it unused for months at a time then it's charged up straight away.

    if there's no damage to it @Dammit then I reckon try your luck with Apple. They'd be hard pressed to argue you've mistreated it and I've had them replace things out of warranty a couple of times before.

  • I found it annoying to begin with, but am now enamoured of the whole computer rings when your iphone rings and you can answer it on your computer or your phone. Especially helpful, when the phone's charging somewhere away from computer.

    It was and can still be annoying as it rings on all the computers it's connected to, especially the one in the study, when my missus is working and I'm not even around.

  • Anyone got the new iPhone yet? First impressions?

    I am undecided. Still using my iPhone X and pretty happy with it but it’s been showing worrying signs lately so think it’s time for an upgrade.

  • Just swapped my 12 pro to a 13 mini.

    Only swapped because of the size change.

    Honestly, there’s a lot of interesting rumours about the 14, coming next September that might be worth waiting for if you’re happy with the X.

  • I don’t think my x will last another 12 months. 😅

  • Considering this change too, mainly to downsize to make the phone less alluring.

    How do you find it? Big enough for regular use or do you miss the screen of the 12?

  • It’s good so far. Battery life definitely takes a hit but I actually find it more ergonomic to use.

  • Sounds like you’ve already made a decision then 😬

  • Kind of but I don’t know if I need the 13? And if I want the pro... 🤔 the 12 seems pretty good in terms of price. 😅

  • yeah, I went from a 6s(!)plus to a 13 Pro, so usability features are going to take a bit of getting used to.

    Camera improvements and 5g battery life are the main reasons I watited for the 13 rather than buy a 12 last month. TBH I wasn't that unhappy with the 6S other than the camera quality.

  • What colour did you get? The blue looks very tasty.

  • wonder if changing iPhone 12 Pro to 13 Pro is worth it....

    really enjoying my 13" M1 ... i know there's a new one coming soon, but this was a work pilot.

  • Bringing a question to expers from here!
    Currently using a Macbook Pro mid-2012, for which I updated ram a few years ago. Updated recently to the latest OS I could get to, can't remember which one but I think this is the one previous to the current one so probably Catalina ; I was previously on Yosemite so quite some change but I needed to access to latest iTunes and be able to communicate with my phone as I got the 13 mini.

    However, the computer seems to have a bit of a hard time accomodate to the new OS (a lot slower), not necessarily very bad but eveything takes quite some time.
    Would it help to install an SSD (it has a regular hard drive right now) and would it be worth it, or is it a better idea to leave it as it is until its death?

  • SSD would be the biggest upgrade you could do to it - certainly make more difference than RAM.

    However, it depends how long you're planning to keep it. Might as well put that SSD cost towards a new M1 Air or something.

  • Would it help to install an SSD

    You can pick up a 500gb ssd for less than 50 quid so I'd say it's worth a punt. Especially if it the machine was enough for your needs before the update. All machines benefit from having the OS and apps on an ssd anyway.

  • honestly planning to keep it as long as I can, just updated from a SE first gen to a 13 mini (as I loved the size of the 5S/SE first gen, but it died this summer and the 13 mini was the closest in size) and I find it a pita to drop such amount of money so if I can keep my macbook pro for a while I am very happy to. Not so fond of the Air due to lack of features that I use sometimes (cd player, ports, etc.) and I like mine so I guess smartest move for my situation would be SSD but I just wanted to know if it would really make a difference

    EDIT: in any case, thanks @Soul and @Gewürzt

  • It will most certainly make a big difference 👍

  • What's the forum recommendation for a 4k external monitor at a reasonable price these days?
    I'm using a 2015 Macbook Pro so have thunderbolt would be most convenient.

    Currently I plug it into my old iMac but I'm really getting sick of the non-retina screen.

  • What size? What shape? (Ultrawide or just normal widescreen 16:9?)

    Dell Ultrasharp are always near the top of the recommended list.

  • What's a reasonable price?

  • I have no idea. 500, 600?
    I only paid €850 for the Mac. Wouldn't want to pay more than that.

  • Normal widescreen probably.
    I remember the dells at work having trouble staying connected through thunderbolt for some reason. I hope by now they have fixed that.

  • Our work screens are dell ultrasharp in 27" I believe. They're ok. My home screen, connected via thunderbolt is a cheap 28"4k Lenovo that after calibration is actually very good. Have not had an issue in 12 months of daily use so far... Was $400 aud.

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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