Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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  • Virgin
    iPhone 13 Mini, 128GB + 160GB data: £36 pcm
    iPhone 12 Mini, 64GB + 160GB data: £32 pcm

    yeah good point!

  • Or the equivalent of £114 more over 36 months. I spend more than that in mint Poppets!

  • That's the contract length

  • Didn't realise 36m contracts were even still allowed although they make more sense again now with handset prices being so much higher, but viability of older devices remaining so strong.

  • Todays iTunes release seems to have major glitches. Hold off updating if you’re on a windows pc.

  • I rarely change devices inside of 3 years so it works for me

  • Ive got a henge dock for my MacBook pro. Its a 2017 15"

    Sometimes the henge dock doesn't recognise hard drives or takes forever to load them, ive found a firmware update and its still doing the same. Any one else had issues like this and fixed it?

  • Not for a while, probably when the new one comes out.

  • Launch of iOS 15 means safari extensions on iPhones / iPads.

    Noir automatically creates a dark mode site for those that don’t have the option (LFGSS… cough). £2.49 is a bargain.

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  • Amplosion means you’ll never see an AMP page again, which I happily paid £1.79 or whatever for.

  • Forgot about that. Same developer as Apollo which I use about 100 times a day

  • Stunning, thanks.

  • I'm thinking of upgrading my iPad Pro - 11", space grey, 64Gb wi-fi and cellular.

    It's in perfect condition and comes with the box and so forth - also in perfect condition.

    What do people think it's worth?

  • Is it in perfect condition?

    Seriously though - eBay sold listings search...

  • which generation? look at eBay and what places like Music Magpie will give. Pick something in between

  • Is it in perfect condition?

    Yep, not a mark on it - even has the bag it came in from the Apple store in Sydney.

  • which generation?

    I bought it in Jan 2019.

  • this, will give you top and bottom end for what it's going for on ebay, and you can make a personal judgement from there.

  • Apple trade-in is £215, Music Magpie is £325, eBay appears to be around £400.

  • £350 on here then?

  • If you're still using an older operating system it's time to consider getting up to date.

    But legacy software that doesn't work with Big Sur! Would be nice if Apple addressed this, especially when you've got old software and macros written in it, that don't work with the current version that is subscription only.

  • I have a dead Apple Pencil 2 - anyone had any joy getting these replaced (out of warranty) by Apple?

  • I’ll buy it off you if you’d prefer than a trade in

  • Ours arrived today - John Lewis have the light blue 256gb for a good price so just went for that

    So looks like this was a pricing error as it has now jumped up £150

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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