Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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  • banging it on the table and it's now fixed

    Percussive maintenance.

    When I used to build machines for use at work (and home) I always drop them from a height of about 1" before testing them. That usually finds anything that wasn't seated correctly.

    (Not personal laptops, I watched someone do a similar thing with their new laptop [lid closed] and cracked the screen.)

  • So I think it is the placement of my laptop that is causing the WiFi issue, I tried to place it in all the usual ways - standing, lying flat, open, close, standing in different ways and on different spots etc. It seems like the usual placement is a blind spot? Can hiding the laptop behind the monitors be the root of the issue? Just did another speed test, managed to get about 20mbps download, which is about half, another try just now gives me close to full speed...

    The monitor to the left is usually turned off as the Macs with the M1 chip don’t support 2 monitors so I only turn it on when using my own computer.

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  • Macs with the M1 chip don’t support 2 monitors

    Really? That's a bit shit, no?

  • What screen do you have? Could that interfere with the wifi?

  • I mean you can use displaylink to make it work but natively, not at the moment. I have heard rumours that Apple will eventually release a software update to sort it, but it clearly isn’t their priority if after almost a year and still nothing.

  • The one that is on is a cheap ish BenQ 4K with plastics edges, the other one is a Philips 4K, not sure what materials it is. It doesn’t affect my older Mac but it’s on the other side so not tucked behind both screens...

    Is there a way to know for sure if the screens are causing the issue?

    The internet does seem to suggest the M1 chips macs have WiFi issues and some people are saying Bluetooth interference? Gonna try that next when I get hold of a wired keyboard.

  • My mini from 2018 is hopeless when it comes to Bluetooth, so anything seems possible. I've read the guides online and moved all regular usb leads to a usb-c hub so they're out of the way. It certainly helped and my mouse is now working ok. It'll struggle if I put a coffee cup between the mouse and the mac though....

  • Can hiding the laptop behind the monitors be the root of the issue?

    yes, of course

  • Oh no.... it’s times like this I think I want to go with a Window PC... but then I am sure there are issues with them too...

  • Is it the extra layer of physical materials or the electronic interference?

  • So we just split the network to 2.4 and 5 GHz to see if it makes any difference... I live in a small flat so a short range should be Ok.

  • Is it the extra layer of physical materials or the electronic interference?


  • Anybody getting rid of a keyboard and mouse?

  • I have some apple wireless set lying around both new and used. Are you looking to buy?

  • My 2015(?) 13" mbp suddenly start making a grinding noise a minute ago. It sounded almost electronic but suspect it was something stuck in the fan. It was just sat on my lap so seemed odd. Shook it a bit and it carried on so force shut down and the noise kind of wound down with the machine. It's late/too loud for a sleeping kiddo to be banging it about so I'll try in the morning to get it out but any tips beyond blowing in the fans? Can't recall if these ones can be unscrewed. Be a pain in the arse if it's fubar as I need to use it to offload footage on a shoot on Monday and am too skint for a short notice replacement. If I can't get it out, how harmful will it be? Unless it's a fan blade that's warped/gone? Ugh.

  • Yeah probably a fan or maybe bearings. One of mine spontaneously jettisoned all of its blades once.

    If you’re not scared of tiny screws and connectors they’re not that hard to replace.

  • Because iPads are cool and laptops are not.

    I think there's a new iPad mini (I say this as someone who bought a new iPad mini last Christmas and has had slight regrets since) which has the new chipsrt?

    The mini is portable, the pen makes it look rad for taking notes etc.

  • Apple even on tuesday. Looks like it'll be the usual phones + watches updates. Or should I get my hopes up for some imac action?

  • Thanks for the link. I read somewhere that it may need to put in some thermal (tynan) paste on the heatsink before replacing it - does that seem legit? Seems like another pain in the arse tbh.

    And in terms of screwdrivers and 'lifty bits', this set? https://store.ifixit.co.uk/products/esse­ntial-electronics-toolkit

    I opened it up again this morning and it did make noise and then suddenly stop as though it had cleared. I'll try it again later and if it persists I'll at least get the screwdriver kit to see the inside and if something is broken I'll get the replacement fan.

  • Sorry if I'm stating the obvious but now would be a great time to do some backups! 😅

  • Never keep anything on it. It's purely a bash around thing for copying footage from cards to drives on shoots or if it's at home it's for when my son comes in at stupid o clock and I can't face waking up yet so I just whack some Duggee on. That said it'd still be a pain if it before a shoot on Monday.

  • I really rate the tools from ifixit. I have those two sets



    And though it's a bit spendy it's worth it I think. No need to think about screwdrivers for a long time

  • I second this I think @kboy prodded me to get an ifixit set, I’ve used it twice maybe three times, to replace a battery in a Bluetooth speaker and take out a ssd from a broken MacBook Air, but it’s nice to know you’ve got all the bit heads you need for whatever your device is..

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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