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  • I've inherited an iPad 1 - it seems to me that it is good for nothing, web browsing is poor and I've not been able to install anything as the iOS is so old.

    Is this junk? I was hoping to be able to get some use out of it for my kids

  • Doubt you'll be able to use it tbh. It's 11 years old which is ancient in tech terms. Might be able to watch videos via the browser if you're lucky?

  • I can't get past the Cookie acceptance screen on most sites I've tried, it won't scroll at all to the OK button.

    To the scrapheap then! ta

  • You might be able to install some very old games on it, if the App Store still works, or maybe via jailbreaking.

    Older games are less likely to be predatory freemium crap, so it could even be an advantage.

  • Stick it on eBay. Some people love the first generation stuff just cos.

  • This has just reminded me that I have one too. Can't you just put some photos on and have it as a digital picture frame? Or just put some music on it? Going to dig mine out and see what I can do with it.

  • Yep, if it’s in good nick some rabid Apple zealot will want it for their museum.

  • Can any recommend a desk clamp monitor arm with laptop stand? I only really need height adjustability, not reach or swivel or any of that crap. I'm a fussy git so only good looking minimal design need apply. Something with hidden cable management would be ideal.

  • Got this old apple Hd Cinema Display, use to use it as a 2nd screen with my laptop.

    Can’t get it to turn out now. Is it worth trying to punt or punt in the bin?!

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  • It might be the power supply, they had a history of going kaput. Had a couple where the light would come in saying it was powered but wouldn’t show a desktop.
    If you can find an Apple one that might solve the problem

  • I had a look on eBay, power supply’s are more than the monitor is worth. Seems a shame but will probs end up in the bin

  • yeah an original apple one is pricey, even secondhand, I has to wait for a while before I could find one.
    I kept one, and then upgraded the other to one of the later model displays A1267, which has a bit more longevity.

  • Does anyone know how to export a signature from an old version of preview to a new version on a different computer?

    It says I need a trackpad or isight to create a signature on the new machine. I have neither, it's a mac mini.

  • To the scrapheap then! ta

    before you do, in the interest of environmental impact, https://www.igeeksblog.com/how-to-re-ins­tall-older-version-of-apps-on-iphone-ipa­d/

  • Can folks with the MacBook Air 2020 with the M1 chip (pos with the MacBook Pro version too) do me a favour? Can you run a WiFi speed test on your machine with it’s:

    1. Open as normal
    2. In close clamshell mode lying flat
    3. In close clamshell mode standing vertically

    I have been having a lot of troubles with my WiFi or so I thought, but it turns out it might be to do with how I position my MBA, which is No. 3. When it’s like that, the download speed can drop to between 0.2mbps - no more than 2. I can’t even send an email at time. When it’s No.2, it’s a little better but when it’s No. 1, it’s back up to close to 40mbps, which is the expected speed for the package.

    I have run the same test a number of times with all 3 positions and with my older MBP as well as my phone and iPad, everything else returns with between 32-40mbps, even with my MBP in close clamshell standing behind my monitor.

    Did a quick internet search and it seems this is “normal”because the antenna is behind the screen so when it’s closed, it’s not raised? It does make some sense but also doesn’t...

    If it’s getting the WiFi when the lid is open, which it does, I don’t know if there is anything to be fixed if I send it back to Apple again?

    I could ask for another machine from work but if it is something to do with the design of this model then, it isn’t going to change anything. So I want to be sure if it’s just this machine I have or it’s an issue with this model before I decide my next move...

    Thanks a lot.

  • Have you tried the following steps?

    1. Hold Option + Shift and click the wifi icon
    2. Click Open Wireless Diagnostics...
    3. Click Continue (wait for the progress bar to run)
    4. Click the Continue to Summary option and click Continue
    5. At the additional information screen click Continue
    6. At the router information screen click Continue
    7. The report generation will run (it will take a bit)
    8. When finished click Done (it will generate a report file... but this is not needed and can be deleted)
  • No. What does it do?

    It’s always been a bit unstable but its got particularly bad since it’s been returned from repair but they didn’t replace the antenna so can’t be another hardware fault... 🤔

  • It'll give you an overview of the status of your wifi at the end of the test. It should let you know if you've got any issues.

    If you try running it in your 1. and then 3. above, you'll be able to see if there's any differences.

    And when you've done that, whilst you've got the diagnostic tool open, there's a load more things you can test if you click "window" with the tool open. I think you can also set to run in the background and notify you if there's an issue.

  • Ok, I’ll give it a go. Thanks.

  • I've fixed a lot of laptops in my time, never a MacBook, but maybe the antennae cables aren't connected correctly inside the laptop, or they're damaged.

    Yes, I've had to take a laptop apart again to plug them back in before, more than once

  • I guess the only way to know for sure is to open it up to see if there is any loose screws or cables? I’ll run the tests @Muppetteer suggested in a bit (been using my other laptop all day).

    However if it’s as you suggested, something is loose or damaged, would the performance be even more unstable and/or unpredictable? I can get full speed with the lid open...

  • I need to go into the office on Friday and we are by Westfield so I might get an appt at the Apple store and see what they say.

  • I got a new work macbook this year, it's a 2019 model but was brand new from Apple. It's had the popping audio thing since the start but now while being unused over the weekend it sounds like one of the speakers has blown. It was fine on Friday, I wasn't even listening to music on it and it's not even been plugged in to the power all weekend, but now apparently it's fucked. Glad it's not my machine.

  • Ha! So I just read this comment
    "I had the same problem and it turned out to be a small piece of hard plastic sitting on the speaker. I took the back off the computer and found it there. I removed it, put the MBP back together and everything sounded great again."
    So I just tried tilting the machine up and banging it on the table and it's now fixed. There must be something loose inside that was sitting on the speaker

  • banging it on the table and it's now fixed


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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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