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  • Fscheck / disk utility isn’t showing any errors. I guess it could be the disk but hard to know

  • Are you sure it's not the SSD? They're pretty straightforward to replace on that era and available for buttons if you're not bothered about capacity.

    Quick scan and looking at around £150 for a 250GB SSD for a 2013 mba. Are there options for substantially less?

  • I meant more this kind of thing:

    Or if you want new:

    (I'm typing this on something similar after the Apple one died a few months back. I've had zero issues)

  • I bought an Apple Keyboard here a while back. It's since sat on the shelf as I didn't buy the Mac Mini I was going to use it with. Apple Wireless Keyboard 3rd gen (A1314). £20 posted

    Sold, ta

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  • For people on Catalina - is your Adobe Bridge also freezing regulary since the latest update (10.15.7) ?

  • So my MBA 2020 has come back from repair... it took a week because they don't seem to do a lot of repair in the store anymore, I asked them and they said they now only do the simple stuff and the rest get shipped to their depot but you won't know which is which other than keep tracking the progress and realise your laptop has gone for a trip in Czech...

    So yeah, I dropped my laptop Tue last week, it got shipped to Czech on Thus and it went back on a plane on Fri and got stuck with USP Sat-Mon.

    Just to refresh your memory, I sent it in for repair because the front USBC port has stopped recognising any accessories but it can charge, they have come back having the Touch ID, Logic board and I/O board replaced... I wonder what was wrong in the end or did they just go OTT/couldn't work out exactly why so they replaced all the parts that could have caused the problem...

    Anyway, if you need to get your Mac fixed but don't want to wait a week or longer, maybe go to authorised places instead.

  • They dont seem to give a fuck under warranty, and just chuck parts at it.

  • Maybe so, but the order from the store was to replace the I/O board only as some folks here have pointed out, it is now a separate part so easy and cheap to replace, so I am just curious why they replaced the other parts as well... oh well...

  • I imagine once the laptop is open then the time and effort to replace multiple things is minimal so they'll err on the side of caution and then the parts that come out that are probably fine will just go off for testing and probably be back on the shelf to go in someone else's machine pretty soon.
    Possibility of leaving something that's a dud inside and then pissing off a customer that has to go through a couple of rounds of changes and it still not being fixed. Basically trying to avoid the experience @Velocio had where he bought a top of the range machine and then had loads of problems with it and put him off Apple for good.

  • Good to know yours was away for a week, as I need to send mine for keyboard replacement. I need to back it up first which is the hassle.

  • In most macOS versions of messenger apps (Telegram, Signal etc.) I can do a line break with shift+enter, only in the Messages app it's ctrl+enter instead.
    Is there any way to switch this to shift+enter?

  • Got to say I hate the idea of an iPhone 'Pro', buying an iPhone was already supposed to get you the best* phone on the market, Steve would never have let this happen

    *best if you're on board with the whole Apple thing

  • Back then there was only one, it was the best.
    Now you can choose between the best, the bestest, the best (mini), the older best etc.

  • Would sir like an iMac, an iMac DV, an iMac DV+ or an iMac DV Special Edition?

  • Sorry missed your reply, they wiped mine clean, which I agreed to because they wanted to reset the T2 chip, but when I sent my Intel one in for replacing the screen, they did it in the store with a 24hrs turnaround time, but it was last summer...

  • TBH, this has put me off a bit, but it is a work machine and work dishes out horrible horrible specs PCs... so...

  • What's put you off?
    That they replaced multiple things, or the experience Velocio had?

    I wouldn't read anything much into the fact they swapped half the machine out. And Velocio's experience, while incredibly annoying, does seem rare.

  • magsafe connector on 2015 mbp is getting hot - what gives?

  • Check the connectors are clean. The heat is a byproduct of electric current being spent which might be happening because the connectors are operating at less than optimal specs. Or it's warm where you are and the heat is causing more heat but it's all within specs. Or it's about to catch fire!

  • Just generally how Apple do things these days, like I am used to having a 27ins and a 32inc screens and there isn't a native way to connect to 2 screens with the M1 laptops, probably won't be for a while.

    They can swap whatever they like, it's not my machine. I have had a PC tower for about 2 years now and I really quite like it. I know I say it now, but when it's time to replace my own mac laptop, I'd probably go for a Mac again.

    I had a horrible and very good experience with Apple in 2014 when they ended up replacing my mac 4 times in the space of about 9 months. I think that tops Velocio's experience....

  • I changed the one in my Mac Mini not so long again 512 was about £40, you just need make sure it fits which might be difficult part. Think there are options though.

  • Does any one have any tips for dual boot? I've got Catelina to run some legacy software, and I'd installed Big Sur on a partition for everything else, which I used once but now the option to boot from that partition has disappeared.

  • Use rEFInd as a boot manager

  • If you do you can use one of my custom themes.

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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