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  • For one thing, I hope my 2016 SE lasts longer than next year, for another, do we have a confirmed size of the 13 yet?

  • Got one on its way, nicest phone since the 4

  • Dummy models seem to be the same size as the 12 models...

    All current information: https://www.macrumors.com/roundup/iphone­-13/

  • Whats the best Mbp to get these days?

  • The MacBook Air…

    Or wait til the new ones come out

  • Need it for work - so needs to be one of the options available today.

  • The top 13" will do you well, but it depends what your doing with it.

  • The top M1 version then, unless you’ve got a particular need for the Intel chips.

    Though it sounds like the performance is all about the same across the M1 range right now

  • Thanks both

    Turns out I was too late and have an i7 ordered for me. Should I be annoyed it’s not an M1? Just a work computer (no design work or whatever).

  • Ive got a i7 still and people were raving about the M1 stuff but if your just fucking bout and not doing anything super fancy an i7 will be fine tbh. My i7 is fine for what I do and its some pretty heavy graphics, photo and 4k video stuff.

  • One of the USB-C ports on my MBA M1 doesn't work properly all of a sudden. It can charge either via the charge or my screen but won't connect to anything. So for example, when I use the USB-C cable from my screen, it will charge, but won't recognise the screen.

    Does this sound like a software issue, see the port is kind of functioning?

    Had a look online and it seems people have (had) issues with OSX11.1, but I am on OSX 11.2, updating to 11.3 right now. There is no SMC reset or anything with the M1 macs...

    Any idea?

  • Could it be a different cable you're using? AFAIR you need at least USB 3.1 for power delivery and HDMI

  • I use a 16'' i7 for dev work so they're easily still fast enough

  • No, everything was working perfectly fine until a week ago. Every cable I have tried works as expected on the port nearer to the screen, but not the other one.

  • Save yourself future headaches incase it gets worse and/or both go by taking it in whilst under warranty. They separated the usbc ports from the logic board making this a very low cost repair for them.

  • This. Value of your (unknown) time troubleshooting something that potentially gets worse, vs time it takes to take it to a shop and be inconvenienced while they sort it.

  • I think it needs to be that way. Just chatting with our IT manager about it. It's a work machine so I was hoping I don't have to send it back etc because we are still WFH. Oh well...

  • Got an appt with the Apple Store next Tue, so will report back.

  • Now my wifi is going funny! FFS

  • I got a 13" MBP (2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5, 16gb ram) a month or so before the M1 was announced. I haven't used it that much for proper work (graphic design) yet as I've got a desktop that I prefer to work on. Today I'm working on it though and it's struggling a bit on some very simple vector stuff. Not much else open; Firefox with 3 tabs (one playing music), email, Fontexplorer and WhatsApp desktop. Yet disappointingly it's freezing and chewing up memory. It hasn't struggled with exporting loads of photos from Lightroom whenever I've done that. Do I need the M1 or is something up?

  • 2013 macbook air is dying - tried new OS (back to catalina), various other things to no avail (beachball freezes after 5-50 mins use). No hardware errors using apple diagnostics or etrecheck, so Im now assuming somethign in the logicboard.

    Its an 8GB RAM i7: would cost £300 for logicboard and battery replacement.

    My wife is going to sydney and wants something reliable for the 14 days isolation, so tempted to just get a new mba - £900 at john lewis for an 8GB M1. Any reason why not? (apart from the money....)

  • If its for browsing the internet and general messing about it'll be fine. I wouldnt spend £300 on an old MacBook of that age personally.

  • Yep, I agree on not spending 300 on current one - it was more to show that approach isn’t particularly economical

  • Are you sure it's not the SSD? They're pretty straightforward to replace on that era and available for buttons if you're not bothered about capacity.

    One way to test is to make a USB boot drive and see if it still freezes.

  • Edit: mixed up generations

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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