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  • Yes, the software itself is very different on a Mac and PC... it will mess with your wife’s brain for a while. The Mac version is simpler... I don’t use it often but I learned on a PC and when I started using on a Mac, it felt like WTF for a while.

  • Thanks ExTra, am sure there will be a bit of adjustment

    @Amey .. take me to the Gates of Hell

  • This is probs for the home office thread but, hey, I like this place more...

    Monitors for the 13in Macbook Pro (2017, 4 Thunderbolt ports). I'd ideally like retina resolution and the ability to display/charge via USB-C. Doesn't need to be massive but over 27in would be good. Is there something forum-approved?

  • @Amey .. take me to the BILL Gates of Hell


  • Got a budget in mind?

  • LG 5K if you have the monies

  • Definitely under £1k. Ideally under £800. Possible?

  • Take a look here...

    Also, give this table a look as you can select resolution and size.

  • I quite like my Benq 4K 32ins. I think it was about £400. It says it doesn't charge laptops via USB-C, but it does.

  • I'm highly impressed with BenQ. Got a cheapo 27" and it's way better than I was expecting for the money.

    That said eve spectrum gone into production at last and ticks a lot of boxes if you can wait a month+ for the first pre orders to ship.

  • Exactly, the colour accuracy isn’t too notch so not ideal for photo editing etc, but day to day use is perfect.

  • My 2015 Macbook Pro 13 (Big Sur, latest version) has been a complete dick today, firstly, around 4pm deciding now to pretend to play music in the Music app, but not actually do it (top part greyed out, progress bar moving), then when I signed out, wouldn't let me sign in again. It would pretend but not actually do it.
    I tried all the internet's suggestions, and then noticed an update to Big Sur, so I installed that, and while it let me sign in again, it would keep skipping songs from my library instead of streaming the things like it's supposed to. It wouldn't let me download the skipped tracks either.
    I signed out again, with much trepidation, and this time it did let me sign in again, and I was able to play and download the dodgy tracks this time. Not sure if this is fixed or it's just going to go wrong again.

    Anyone know what the hell's going on?

    Why did they change iTunes to Music. a) iTunes was fine as it was, and b)You could fucking google it.

  • Same issue for me with 'Photos'

  • Thanking you. Will have a scroll this morning.

  • @ExTra @CYOA Which model BenQ monitors did you folk go for?

  • Any recommended ad blockers that work on YouTube and beyond? Wipr seems to have lost its way.

  • I have started using Brave browser in a separate window just for youtube, seem to block all ads.

  • Adblock Plus still working for me in Firefox

  • great tip thanks!

  • I switched to AdGuard on Safari after Wipr stopped blocking YT ads. Seems to be working. For a few days I would need to refresh a video to make it think I've watched the ad, but that's gone too now.

  • I've had to work tethered to my iPhone this morning as the WiFi has gone out... if anyone is in a similar situation, Tripmode has been a lifesaver to make sure I don't rinse my plan and only use data where I need to.

    Does lots of clever stuff automatically by the network you are on, but I can see it also being good just to see which apps are phoning home regularly.

  • And yes, instead of actually working I've been picking around with this app for a bit. Productivity 101.

  • This one:


    Now I remember why it’s cheap, it also has limited ports at the back, but it’s connected to 3 different computers here. The usb-c seems to be the dominant port so if I have both my air and pro(connected via display port) on then I’d have to either manually change the display mode or turn off the air.

  • MacBook Pro, 13-inch, 2017,

    Is it normal that the 120gb HDD only has 21gb~ storage available before anything has been installed? Or has it probably not been wiped properly?

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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