Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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  • It's all much of a muchness now I'd say. Amazon ones in particular are mainly designed for media consumption so are pretty straightforward.

    Personally I don't use iPads much and find the interface pretty confusing in parts. I'd say the most important factor is whoever is helping them uses the same so you can easily talk through how to do stuff.

  • the most important factor is whoever is helping them uses the same so you can easily talk through how to do stuff.

    Totally agree with this. Finally got my aunt to get a mac so I can help her. Since then the IT-support calls to me have dropped to about half + when she calls I can actually help her.

    My dad on the other hand refuses to let go of his PC. His argument is Excel. Makes zero sense. I'm still completely lost when I try to help him so instead he pays someone silly monies to help him reconnect the printer every few months

  • Waiting on a Mac Mini M1. Possibly dumb question, but can anyone recommend the best way of getting my profile transferred to it from my old MBP? I don't have iCloud (apart from whatever basic storage it comes with). I do have One Drive which I pay for, guess that's OK?

  • Gotcha thanks for that, didn't know about Migration Assistant

  • Anyone have a posh new iPad Pro and/or current Macbook?

    I have the 12.9inch with the keyboard. It's very nice and reassuringly expensive. But it's not quite there for actual work (developer).
    Given that 12.9 iPad+Keyboard is ~1350 then I'm tempted to swap for 11" iPad Pro + basic Macbook Air, which would come out at about 1625.
    essentially 275 extra for the full laptop, plus posh iPad for consuming (/spare screen in sidecar)

    What am I missing (apart from an entry in the golf club thread)?

  • Sounds like a good option unless you really need the bigger screen on the 12.9

    Assume you'll hook the air up to a proper screen? If not I wish you luck with your eyesight and neck

  • Yeah; it’s super easy. Quickest is just to connect via ethernet…

  • Assume you'll hook the air up to a proper screen? If not I wish you luck with your eyesight and neck

    Tend not to struggle with laptop resolutions but, yes, have a couple of 4k screens that I could use it with.

  • What’s the question? I have the new iPad pro. Biggest downfall for work has been iOS teams, not being able to send video while multi-tasking and not being quite so apt at file/window sharing, especially when multitasking.

  • I guess no particular question apart from the 'am I missing anything'.

    I've got the current one too, and it's lovely kit but I have to remote into a 'proper' machine to do any work. Cost of iPad Pro 11" + Macbook Air seems to be only about 20% more than iPad 12.9 + Keyboard, and that seems to cover far more use cases.

  • Think the biggest killer is that iPad+keyboard is heavier than MacBook!

  • I really really want an m1 chip in the old 12" MacBook form factor. sub kilo, all killer.

  • 100%. Still have my old 12" MacBook. It's chugging now but it's so great to travel with.

  • I bought a second one last year when my first one died because it still offers utility despite being ancient. It would be so easy for them to just bash one out with existing bits, really annoying there doesn't seem to be a wider demand for them.

  • Quick question... I've been meaning to upgrade to Big Sur for ages but does anyone have any experience with Adobe programs not working on it (photoshop, illustrator etc)?

  • I use CC daily on Big Sur, no issues.

  • Maybe they'll reintroduce that when the Air turns into a white bezel, multi-colour, more student-style laptop. Maybe as a high-end spendy model.

    I think the current MacBook Air ticks so many boxes for the price. People might not want to go back to the larger Pro machines. I don't think I will.

  • I'm pondering a new air or pro 13. Do 90% of my work on a proper screen anyway. 15" is good for the odd day I need to work from my laptop only, but I dunno it it's worth the extra size for such little use. Thinking an ipad and sidecar can bridge the small screen?

  • Not sure if this is the correct place to ask this question, but does anyone have any experience of running Auto Cad on a MBP?

    My wife is becoming increasingly anti PC, but none of her office work on Mac etc..


  • Perfect, thanks!

  • We had a two month gap between moving out of our house and moving into our next one. We didn't know where we were going to be so almost everything went into storage and I bridged the gap with sidecar (11" pro) + aforementioned 12" MacBook. I was v happy to get back on my big iMac, but workflow was genuinely fine. I've got an old 15" pro now donated to my wife, I got sick of lugging the weight of it around for the rare times I needed to use it, found more value in the portability of the smaller machine than in the screen real estate.

  • anti PC

    This is PC GONE MAD!

    inb4 @Oliver Schick

  • Fine with Premiere Pro and Rush, Photoshop and illustrator. I think it’s the M1 chip that might have a problem but my work laptop is with an M1 chip and I use CC a lot on it, no issue so far.

  • When I got an air for my new job back in April, I was a bit skeptical because I do video editing but it’s actually better than my 2016 top specs pro. I am happy. The only issue is that it still doesn’t natively support more than 1 external monitor.... hopefully future update will sort it.

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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