Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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  • That's weird - I can't see anything obvious online mentioning this and it's a core feature of the app so not something that they would turn off.

  • I actually posted on a fb group and someone said he was having the same issue.

    It was working and then the last week just stopped. Even updated to 14.6 to see if there was maybe an update on the app and still fuck all

  • I'll take one too. Will PM

  • Brought a new Apple Watch with the very subtle Pride strap. I wanted to upgrade from my Garmin and this seemed like a good option. Pleasantly surprised with it so far. I’m going to wear both this and my Fenix and compare the HRM and the accuracy of the GPS.

    I also brought a pack of the tags to go on my motorbike and cycles. I put one on my partners Brompton and it was very accurate in finding its position when she was 10 miles away.

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  • Is selling apple boxes a thing?

  • Why shouldn't I sell mine? As on, I can see a Mac address and Bluetooth address.

  • Just wish it was a little taller - something shaped like the Kenzington StudioDock but this price point would be ideal!

  • Just got an an email saying mailplane is shutting down. Is there any other good gmail clients around?

  • Universal control coming to MacOS looks so useful.

    New safari looks pretty too.

  • Yeah but where’s the hardware? 90 mins in and I’m thinking it’s too late to announce any?

  • It’s WWDC.

    It’ll be right at the end if at all.

    There were no hardware announcements last year (unless you count apple silicon as a HW announcement).

  • Finally found a use for the IMO stupid touchbar on my MacBook. The touchbar pet.

  • Aaaand that’s a wrap. No new hardware announced today.

  • Gmail.com 😇

    The issue with any free mail client is the potential for scraping your data. I personally feel that Gmail.com or Outlook with the Google Suite Sync Tool are the best options.

  • But I want notification bubble thing in the dock!

    Anyone given hey.com a go?

  • Morning all. I happened to be messing about on my phone and discovered that Apple had sent me info re a security leak. They have suggested that I change, basically, every password I have because of this data leak. The question is - should I? Is this a serious risk?

  • Is it definitely Apple that sent you the info? Is it asking you to click something to go and change the password?

    If it is genuine, the risk is minimal as your passwords are usually part of breaches of millions of customers data, however the risk is definitely real.

    Either way, if you use the same password everywhere; it might be time to use a password manager like LastPass and start changing your passwords to unique ones.

  • Definitely Apple - it comes up when I look at the passwords in the settings. I use different passwords although some unimportant ones will be similar.
    The phone can make passwords up which does work but for some things - Netflix for example, changing it to something long and difficult could present difficulties.

  • The Apple password generator is fine but means you have to use Safari or a Mac everywhere.

    I would definitely recommend LastPass or OnePassword. It's a pain to change Netflix the few times you need to do it but it's really not that much of a chore and having a secure set of unique passwords is important considering how much of you / anyone lives online.

  • Is this in settings --> passwords --> security recommendations?

    Also complicated Netflix passwords are ok, as you can usually use netflix.com/activate or netflix.com/tv8 if you have your phone handy to sign in.

  • Thanks for the advice. I understand that you are right, it’s just the botheration!

  • It is the route you mention. The Netflix issue relates to other users as I am the account holder, it’s maybe not a big thing though. Thanks

  • Was really surprised that Apple didn’t launch a camera / Apple TV update with their FaceTime chat yesterday.

    With the recent room follow feature on the iPad Pro and the upgraded FaceTime capabilities, it’s ripe for a TV attachment that allows FaceTime on the TV - basically a portal competitor.

    I’d buy that in an instant considering how much time we spent on FaceTime with grandparents these days.

  • I’m getting more and more frustrated with Evernote. It used to just work and now it’s a flickering mess as it’s loading in content.

    Is there a decent alternative? Ideally something where I can import all my Evernote content and just pick it up from there


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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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