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  • Adblock in Safari is not blocking YouTube ads any more - is this because of the latest Safari update or because YouTube found ways to work around the Adblock?

    Anyways, is ther any way to rid the ads again?


  • Think it's YouTube finding ways to serve ads that blockers can't 'catch' - I've found 1blocker a lot more consistent/quicker to update recently though

  • Why does the bottom of my finder windows tell me I have 200GB+ of free space while Disk Utility tells me 104?

  • so apple is replacing the keyboard and screen for free! But the laptop is with them, I am using my partners iPad and its ace! Only issue is the mouse (1st gen magic) wont scroll on it :(

  • Thanks for the heads up, it doesn't work for me though in terms of removing the YouTube ads unfortunately (does it work for you?)

  • it does. (I switched from Adblock because I was having the same issues, and they didn't seem to be getting on top of them!) I very occasionally get a blank white screen with the skip ad button to proceed, but it doesn't actually serve the ad, which is my main bugbear

  • That's what I was getting (blank screen but ad not actually being served) using AdBlockPlus, until recently that is.
    Out of curiosity, are you on the latest 14.1 Safari on Catalina as well?

  • 14.0.1, Big Sur.

    I vaguely recall having to fiddle with extension settings in safari preferences as well as in the 1blocker menu when I installed it? Might be worth a check.

  • Touch.

    This is a big part of why I’m an Apple zealot, no other consumer brand deals with aftercare like them.

  • Thats interesting hope I have the same luck when mine goes in. Good effort mate.

  • Just ordered a used iPad Pro 2018, still under AppleCare and going to try using it as a laptop replacement, after realising my main activities on that were light word processing, photo editing and illustrator. Heard good things so quite excited.

    Anyone with experience of the iPad magic keyboard? Is it feasible to use it on my lap on the sofa, or best kept on a table?

  • Lap will be fine. It’s v sturdy.

  • You can definitely use the magic keyboard on your lap but it's very top heavy (the opposite of a laptop) so only works in certain positions. It's also not quite as flexible / doesn't go into as many positions as a laptop.

    Still the best way to work on an iPad Pro though.

  • I have an iPhone 12 Mini;

    How do I completely turn off the stupid over-zealous 'Deep Fusion' photo post-processing that makes many photos taken with the Camera app look like over-sharpened liquid dogshit?

    Will paying for a third-party app like Halide let me do this?

    I've already turned off all the HDR/scene detection bollox in Settings.

  • Is that portrait mode or just generally not happy with their inbuilt post proc?

    You can install Lightroom and take photos in raw format directly from within that.

  • I've never used portrait mode; I'm moaning about the general post-processing that happens with every photo taken using the Camera app. Some shots end up looking OK, others are a complete mess, mainly looking like they've been wrung through the 'sharpen' filter a thousand times.

    My ancient original iPhone SE takes better pics (except for low-light)!

    Will photos taken using Lightroom have the 'Deep Fusion' shite applied though, or can it be fully disabled?

  • Are you looking at them @ 100%?

  • If you turned it off completely you’d find the image sensors aren’t much better than in 2008.

    What you’re after is the authentic retro warmth and crackle of the iPhone SE image fakery shite.

  • I’ve done a side-by-side comparison and the 12 Mini spits out noticeably more grotesquely-processed pics than my 2016 SE. I would love to be able to turn off all the ‘AI’ BS.

    @kboy 100% or zoomed, the artefacts are obvious. The post-processing works well for e.g. a lakeside sunset, but capturing detailed inanimate objects and groups of humans far away looks terrible.

    Would I be wasting my money buying Halide?

  • jinxed it - had ads all day today.

  • Ha!

    I think it's a Safari related issue though, I was using Firefox instead yesterday and that (with ABP) plays YouTube without ads (without even the blank screens) 👍

  • Cheers dude. Do you use the Apple branded dongles or have you found a reasonable priced third party one for SD cards and the like?

  • Would I be wasting my money buying Halide?

    Looks like it's free for 7 days so there's an easy way to find out

  • I have this one https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B07ZK8V­5J2/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?i­e=UTF8&psc=1
    It's probably not the fastest or the cheapest, but it's really small and has a detachable cable (speed test has been done with a SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB UHS-I)

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  • I'm in the market for a 2017 Macbook pro (A1707/8)- anyone got anything for sale? Needs to be 2017 as these were the last ones without the T2 chip and that can run High Sierra. Ideally I'm after something that's been babied or warranty repaired rather than ragged for 4 years.

    Hit me up if you have something suitable! thanks

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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