Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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  • Is your screen like flickering? Also there was a recall on the keyboard so you’ll get that fixed for free.

  • Anyone using the M1 chip Macs finds their WiFi connect a bit unstable? I am 99% certain it’s not my WiFi because both my phone and my Intel macs work without a hitch.

  • Not for me. My M1 MacBook hasn't had any issues with WiFi.

  • i used duet for my ipad at the start of lockdown 1.0. worked really well in a pinch and I think i'd probably continue to use it if needed a 2nd screen when travelling

  • Anyone using the M1 base models with 8gb and Ableton? Wondering if 8gb will be enough, or to go for 16gb

  • Mine is just as good as any other device

  • Is your screen like flickering?

    A little but ghosting is more of an issue.

    Also there was a recall on the keyboard so you’ll get that fixed for free.

    Good to know.

    Any idea on what will the screen cost? I am tempted to just recycle it if its too much and get an iPad pro. I have non-butterfly MBP for work, this is my personal machine.

  • Take it to the Apple Store for the keyboard issue and there's a good chance they'll replace the screen without charge.

    Off the top of my head I'd guess north of £500 if they do want to charge you.

  • @King_Saxlingham @bibimbap cheers. Next, I need to sort out the duo screen. M1 Macs only take 1 external monitor natively... arrrrhhhhhh!!!!!

  • north of £500

    Yeah that will be a straight no for me, I wont reveal my intentions of buying an iPad of course, will have a little cry

  • Does anyone have Lightroom for iPad and can say if it's anywhere close to Lightroom on Mac?

  • Mines has the odd flicker and I haven’t had my keyboard done yet either on mine as the recall is still there.

    I’m tempted to not say anything and see if they do something when it comes back from its stripping

  • Does anyone else's Mac crawl to a halt when spotlight/finder is indexing, both on my work Mac and my Macbook pro (2018). When indexing they both struggle to do basic tasks like browse the web - pages take a minute or so to render, its like the cpu is running at 100% (but Isn't, I checked),

    Is there a fix, or a way to at least pause it? It just starts randomly, inevitably when Im trying to get something done to a deadline.

  • I use it for my own stuff but not work. Does the job I say. Unless you want to do detailed retouching of course, but then I’d go PS on a Mac anyway.

  • I've had this happen a few times. It can be really annoying. You can stop the Spotlight indexing in the System Preferences, just add or drag the volume you like to stop to the privacy. And if you take it back out again it'll restart indexing.

    For me, there was a couple of errors which was causing Spotlight to get stuck. I had to do First Aid a could of times, and then restart the indexing process. After I let it run over night it was fine and I haven't noticed it since.

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  • If you have the Apple Pencil too it means you can use the iPad as a graphics tablet too* - I don’t pretend to know how it works without wires anywhere but it’s another example of how I’m now tied into the Apple ecosystem!

    • will be putting an old but still functional Wacom Intuous 3 up for grabs shortly once I’ve packaged it all up
  • Cheers. I imagined it to be much easier with the touchscreen

  • cheers will give the first aid a go, definitely seems off.

  • Question for those of you with the base model m1 airs, can it actually handle image processing? Looking to upgrade my girlfriends laptop and want to make sure it can handle processing raw images without having a terrible time.

  • Any M1 Mac is faster than almost any non-M1 Mac by just about every metric, so yes.

  • I'm a casual person who likes to take photos during vacations and I'm having a blast with Lightroom on my M1 Air

  • I have an 11" early 2015 air which is recommending a battery service on 350ish cycles.

    Is there any other methods to test rather than relying on the OS recommendation?

    If I do need to replace who make the best quality third party batteries?

  • How long does it hold charge? My old air had a battery service notice for a couple of years, which I just ignored. When the charge went down to about 90 mins, I got a replacement kit on eBay and it went back to as new.

  • You can ignore that message indefinitely.

    The test is whether you're happy with how long the battery lasts, or if it dies suddenly when low.

    Or you can download CoconutBattery and it'll tell you what proportion of its original capacity the battery has.

  • Coconut says 74.4% with status as 'good'. Recent purchase as I use an iPad for most things and only occasionally need a computer (this was to replace desktop) so will see how I get on with real world usage.

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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