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  • If I had 2 monitors both can charge my Mac via the USB-C ports, would I end up overloading the Mac?

    This would be the easiest option, otherwise the safer option would be to get a USBC to hdmi cable, which would also be fine. I just happen to have 2 usbc cables to hand, hence the question.

  • If I had 2 monitors both can charge my Mac via the USB-C ports, would I end up overloading the Mac?

    I’m doing this and it hasn’t exploded yet

  • What Mac is it? I guess they are probably smart enough to know how much power to take...

  • 2019 mbp

    In theory it’s not usbc but thunderbolt 3 or something

  • I replaced my 2009 battery and replaced it shortly afterwards for actual work. Used it for netflix etc and then lent it to my partner's colleague at when they all had to start working from home and didn't have enough work machines (my partner has been using her own 13" mbp for over a year without even a thank you). Did a whole year as her main work computer. Old macs are often better spec/performance than a really cheap laptop.

  • ? I am forever confused by all these cable names... 😬

  • Any reason why keys 1-9 wouldn't work on a magic keyboard (not the numpad version but the shorter one)? Buyer says they've just turned it on (a week after it was delivered) and they don't work. I've never used that keyboard (original one the iMac came with). It's just sat in a box, no physical damage etc. I have a spare I can send but if it's a known/fixable issue that'd be good.

  • Just bought a stand for my MBP, was gonna go with the flashy Brydge but plumped for a Bookarc instead, less than half the price and it's gonna live behind a monitor so I won't see it anyway... I'm not really a fan of the look of it but it does what I need it to do, haven't got the space to just lay it flat on my desk...

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  • Has anyone had battery swelling issues with
    late 2018 15" mbp? My work has had to send back 6 of ours as they all started swelling and buckling the chassis. Crazy bad quality from Apple.

  • That’s unfortunate. Battery defects often occur in batches so likely there was a certain run of affected computers. Happened to some 2015 models that were subsequently banned from air travel.

  • My 1-9 keys died previously. Rest of keyboard was fine.

  • Some reports saying it's a power issue but why those keys I don't know. I have a spare keyboard. I'll just send that.

  • Does anyone have any ideas for retrieving data from a bricked old Iphone SE?

  • Bricked how?

    If it's not water-damaged you'll likely be able to stick it in DFU (recovery) mode and suck down the bits.

  • Thanks
    Screen's gone black. not responding on attempts to har reset.
    I can get the MBP to try to update the software, but it won't show up in itunes.

  • Try following instructions to set it to DFU mode:


  • Cheers. Can't get it in DFU mode. It will get into some sort of recovery mode.
    I just realised my contacts are available on the computer too so I will only loose four months of photos...

  • DFU mode is recovery mode.

  • Oh, but the procedure was a little different.
    Anyway. I tried updating it and finally tried restoring it. Still dead and I think I lost all the data/photos in the process.

  • but having trouble deciding between an M1 MBA and new iPad Pro.

    I left the Mac domain fleetingly in a huff over a failed update and the encryption nightmare I was left in. But have been waiting on the iPad Pro. Ultimately it's still a tablet and can't do a lot of desktop stuff (and apps). If it's your only device you're probably going the same route as me and getting the MacBook.

    Refurb store FTW. My 2013 MacBook lasted the duration so I've gone with the store saving again. MacBook Pro 13 M1, 16GB, 512GB inbound. Lands Wednesday.

  • my iPhone 6's battery is blown. The screen is cracked. I think it might be game over for this one. Can this thread suggest a suitable replacement?
    Requirements: Works better than kaput 6. Cheap. Small form factor is best form factor.

  • Not exactly cheap but a lot cheaper than the others - 12 mini. Perfect upgrade from the 6.

  • I love the 12 mini, £35pm for unlimited 5g data is a pretty good deal I think. Link

  • My pockets are too small. :)

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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