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  • Another question iPhone related this time.

    I have a new iPhone, all data on the iCloud. Backup new phone via iCloud but the only thing not working is WhatsApp.

    It’s like stuck half way, tried turning phone off and on to restart any other things I should do?

  • manually backup whatsapp content on old phone (using wa’s built-in backup), then load that backup on the new phone

  • For some reason I am unable to access the cyclingnews website in safari. Either on iOS or OS X. Have tried clearing caches and deleting browser history/website data but no joy. Works when I go through a VPN, but I’d rather find a fix. Any tips?

  • Have you tried turning off wifi on your phone to see if it's a network issue?

  • Yep :(. No joy on WiFi or 4G service.

  • Seems to just magically sort itself, great and useless.

  • Not being able to access the clickbait nonsense that cyclingnews.com offers up these days is a positive, no?

  • Cycling news does annoy from time to time, where’d you think is better?

  • SuperDuper or CarbonCopyCloner?

    Currently on a Mac mini running Mojave but it'll be replaced with the new iMac whenever it lands so I'd like to be able to keep using it on Mac silicon later on

  • Parallels have just released a new non-beta version that supports Win10-on-Arm for M1 machines.

    Still pretty flaky as far as I’ve read, but a huge step to putting the final nail in the x86 Mac coffin.

  • No sure about CCC, but SuperDuper is partly broken with Big Sur (Intel & M1). It still runs, but it can't create a bootable volume – only a backup source for restoring – so it's nowhere near as useful to me now.

    More detail at https://www.shirt-pocket.com/blog/

  • That's what prompted my question. Not sure I need a bootable backup though tbh... But the lack of Big Sur / M1 support is a bit concerning .

  • iPad Retina 2 3G > iPad Pro whatever next week.

    I think I’ll be able to tell the difference vs old faithful which until last year was used daily for my 5hr commute. Didn’t need anything more, but now OS support has been depreciated and apps are diminishing left, right and centre. Time for an upgrade! 12.9 is the plan and it’ll be my daily driver.

  • …. 5hr commute!???

  • I know. I'm kind of enjoying the 'New Normal' and have no plans to return to the office full time.

    Work from home thread >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Answered my own question about setting up a slideshow on my ipad air using all my photos, it came in the form of an app I had to pay for called SoloSlides.

  • Any obvious reason why my iphone can't see any smart speakers on our home network but my Mac and Mrs Howard's iphone can? The phone can see the Mac and vice versa, but the speakers have become invisible to it.

  • ^ fixing this was a case of nuking all network settings on the phone (including wi-fi passwords) then starting again. FUN.

  • ^ I lied. Turning off the 5ghz channel that the phones were connected to sorted this. Not that it makes sense but there you go.

  • It sort of does - most wifi speakers connect to 2.4Ghz. Are your 2.4 and 5Ghz channels named the same? Might just be a case of your phone defaulting to the 5Ghz channel which, if named differently, would stop you seeing the speakers.

  • You don’t really want to disable 5GHz, doing this will kill performance of 5GHz-capable devices.

  • The channels are named the same. It used to work, it just stopped working some time last week, possibly after an IOS update. It also killed Spotify connect.

    I don’t think the channels are treated as separate subnets and my Mac which is on wired ethernet can see everything without issue, so I’m not sure why cross band transmission from the phone is verboten :/

  • Yeah I know - it’s stoooopid. It’s not a fix, something is funky somewhere.

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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