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  • Thankfully yes. Fortunately I wasn't in s massive rush to sell, so just let it sit on the bay with a BIN price.

  • Any specs /year/ budget? I have a late 2015 iMac 5k I'm about to put on eBay:

    iMac 5K 27"
    late 2015
    4ghz i7
    32gb 1867 ddr3 ram
    4gb Radeon r9 m395x
    1TB SSD

    Comes with a white magic mouse and a space grey keyboard with numpad. Also chucking in an apple superdrive and 3 x 1TB g-tech ATC drives.

    Was going to put it on the bay for 500 and hoping to get between 800-1000 for it based on an offer of 735 from a reseller.

  • Is it a really bad idea to have two external 2.5" drives for backup? They'll be mirrored for extra safety.

    I assume a 3.5" drive will last longer, but as the drives are mirrored + backed up to Backblaze it shouldn't be the end of the world.

    Tempted to just get two portable drives that'll sit neatly next to my Mac mini and be powered by usb-c. Two less power cables in my life is a good thing.

  • Thanks for the offer but a bit overkill for what I need.

  • No worries, it's now on the bay. They recommended I start at a higher price which I'm all for.

    Speaking of which - how would I package such a thing? I'm sure it's safe in there unless UPS throw it on something sharp which punctures the box. So inception it? A box within a box etc?

  • I'd be tempted to get a genuine iMac box even though it'd cost you a fair bit.

    I had a cinema screen ruined by UPS before. I packed it up in proper thick cardboard boxes but the internal padding wasn't enough so the screen moved within the box itself. As there were no sign of external force I got no payout.

  • I mean it is in a genuine iMac box with all the foam etc inside or do you mean you can get ones that fit around the iMac box?

  • original imac box, should be fine, there's plenty of foam and support in there.
    Just make sure whoever you send it with, you pay the extra for the insurance, so you're not out of pocket if it breaks in transit.
    I've used Parcel2Go for most bigger boxes and it adds like an extra 10-15 quid onto costs for full cost insurance. Might be more for you. Just set your postage costs on ebay accordingly.

  • Thanks, I'll at least wrap it in paper and tape it well, though still vaguely tempted by an extra box. Happy to pay insurance. Not using the thing so it's free money as far as I'm concerned. eBay only supplies compensation of £60 in their default! I've revised to 'other' and will include shipping for free.

  • Ah, if you got the box you should be good. Maybe puzzle together a cardboard box around it if you're paranoid. Just make sure it doesn't look tatty as any marks from external forces should be easy to spot for insurance.

  • I smuggled a 27” Cinema Display from yank-land when they first came out as hold luggage by encasing its original box in a cardboard carapace, covered in bubble wrap, with another layer of cardboard over the lot.

    Arrived with the outer layer mashed, but the box and contents intact.

  • Can I backup my ipad air 4 to an external drive without a computer?

  • Does anyone have a firewire 800 to thunderbolt adaptor before i grudgingly pay the stupid money for one on apple or try and find a cheaper alternative.

  • Nope. If lack of computer is the issue maybe back up to iCloud instead?

  • Hm. Then the issue becomes paying for storage and/or accidental deletion of items. I want to get rid of the laptop - would eliminating it erase all my music and photos?

  • If all the photos and music you want are currently on the iPad, then getting rid of the laptop would not change that.
    Yes you'd have to pay for iCloud storage.
    Might be worth a careful read of this https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT204136­ to see the difference in what's backed up to iCloud compared to a computer.

    You'd need to use iCloud photos which would be a remote copy of photos, but if you delete from your iPad, it’s also deleted from your cloud. There is a 30 day recovery though to help prevent mistakes.

    I don’t know if there’s a backup for music as such, the suggestion would be Apple Music /iTunes Match, but as with iCloud photos they aren’t really a backup, more a cloud sync.


  • Thanks, haven’t delved into those links yet but I will.
    I figured the photos thing out, but what a workaround!
    The photos that were moved to the ipad could neither be edited nor deleted, so I made duplicates of each one, hooked up icloud storage and it deleted all the unusable pics.
    Pretty sure that my music is safe as well, as I was able to delete songs, et cetera.

  • What does it look like?

  • Top is thunderbolt and the bottom is FireWire 800

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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