Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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  • Just ask Siri? Yeah I know, Siri is crap too. Hey Siri, call 'number'. Seems pretty easy to me.

  • Are all you MacHeads just used to this incredibly sub-par element to your Apple devices or am I an idiot doing everything wrong?

    Seems inconsistent. Mine's generally pretty good. Girlfriends iphone - same keyboard - is shit.

  • You can definitely do this, but it's a really hostile UI. The field is there you just can't see it because there's no number there yet.

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  • Apple does none of this. I'm constantly having to spell my own name and it's driving me absolutely insane.

    Lol, my iPhone constantly autocorrects my name so I have to rewrite it manually every time. The issue with my name is that it has a '-' in between where everything goes wrong


    Dude, just chill out and paste the fucking number! It's not rocket sience!

    Regarding the auto correct / predictive text / whatever - it's working fine for me really, maybe you need to adjust some settings?
    Here's a link that might help you: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT207525­

  • You can create custom keyboard shortcuts on iPhones too. Good for unusual names, long email addresses, any long words you use often that the predictive text doesn’t get right until you’re halfway through the word, and obviously, cunt, fuck and dicktits.

    Settings > General > Keyboards > Text Replacement

  • why not just change the keyboard full stop ? I use MS Swiftkey and Google Keyboard on iOS.
    The stock one is shit.

    I do like that iPhone remembers which keyboard you used with which app so you can have different ones.

  • I'm getting weird security block on council websites (hillingdon and harrow) i use for work - on chrome and safari - on my 2012 imac running catalina 10.15.7 . anyone got any ideas what going on ? doesn't do it on my 2017 macbook running same os.

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  • I've felt text input on iPhone has been really bad for a number of years. I find myself getting increasingly irritated by it.

    Maybe I'm just getting too old

  • An old article (so the requirements may have moved on) but one of the answers to https://superuser.com/questions/1492207/­neterr-cert-revoked-in-chrome-chromium-i­ntroduced-with-macos-catalina contains:-

    Apple has introduced a series of new requirements for SSL certificates to be accepted by Catalina, documented at https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT210176­. To summarize here:

    Key size must be at least 2048 bits.
    Hash algorithm must be SHA-2 or newer.
    DNS names must be in a SubjectAltName, not in the CN field only.

    Moreover, for certificates issued after 2019-07-01:

    The ExtendedKeyUsage extension must be present, with the id-kp-ServerAuth OID.
    The validity period may not be longer than 825 days.


    Looking at the certificate presented by www2.harrow.gov..uk it looks like it doesn't have the "id-kp-ServerAuth OID" extended key usage and so Catalina is throwing its toys out of the pram (everything else looks compliant though).

    It'll be pretty safe to ignore it on that specific site as it's not really a h4k0r problem.

  • Thanks - sorry for being thick but there is no way to ignore or bypass - both machines run the same OS and Version of Chrome - but on the iMac it wont play ball to get to certain sites (or actually .pdfs hosted on the www2. site) which appear as google hits when i type key words. In this case "harrow planning culverts" . I cant understand why the two machines are doing different things - presumably its something i need to change on the iMac ?

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  • Echoing what others have said, never had a problem, but since getting my iPhone 12 Pro the keyboard has been shite.

    Great suggestion about the Google keyboard, much more responsive, and the swipey option is also much better.

    Though it's good to have the option to switch it off, in things like iMessage or signal, which are more secure.

  • Thanks @Kirth for this. I’ve now ditched the Apple keyboard and using the g board. Much better alrrady.

  • Further grumbling: Text input is a big issue for Apple IMO but there are also a whole load of other Android/Google behaviours and gestures that make the UX so much more pleasing and intuitive, like all the side swipe stuff you can do to read emails, text etc and navigate between pages.

    Feels like Apple needs to focus a bit more energy on software

  • Serious Q, why not use an android phone if you prefer it so much?

  • I was until recently. But having paid £££ for an iPhone, I'm going to be keeping it a while.

  • Fair enough I suppose. If it annoys you that much though, I’d question how much it’s worth it. You can usually flog them on without loosing too much. I guess a phone that annoys you is good for keeping device/screen time down though!

  • I like the hardware. It's good.

    Just because you don't like something about a product it doesn't mean you shouldn't buy/use it. I'm a fringe member of the Apple cult - which may be distasteful to some who demand total allegiance and accepting of all Apple's shit.

  • I’d say that most people who use apple products fall into the same category, it’s just all the online garbage from fanboys that skews the impression of how a typical user feels about their hardware.

  • Thanks to @Kirth also for the suggestion, I’ve been frustrated as well with the apple keyboard.

  • Yeah fair enough. I’ve submitted plenty of feature suggestions to Apple over the years about things I’ve thought could be better (in my view). All I was getting at is that there is a point at which I'd stop using something if it pissed me off, and you seemed pretty pissed off with it. That’s all.

  • nah you should fuck off and buy Android

  • like all the side swipe stuff you can do to read emails, text etc and navigate between pages.

    You can do all of that on iOS...?

  • I tried to play some music in iTunes/Apple Music yesterday... Searched for the record I wanted, pressed play, got an advert asking me to pay for the privilege of listening to my own library instead... Tried again, and again, and got the same thing... Had to scroll all the way down to the album I wanted to play it, no search available...

    Why does every fucking tech company think I'm gonna subscribe to a service to listen to music I already have on my hard drive? Wankers... Google tried the same thing recently...

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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