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  • Isn’t there a “view all in finder” option as in other OS X search places?

  • Ok, I can now turn on the Rocket Espresso machine with my voice. WINNER!
    It still takes 35 minutes to warm-up though. LOSER

  • Holding cmd while a result is highlighted will show the path at the bottom. Return while still holding cmd will open the enclosing folder. Not sure there's anything more than that, however.

  • This is already helping a lot, thank you very much!

  • Isn’t there a “view all in finder” option as in other OS X search places?

    Yes, actually there is (when scrolling all the way down) yet what this gives me sometimes is quite a bit cluttered / confusing..

  • It took me a while to get it, but now I quite like the all-results-panel. I like how its dividing it up based on file format

  • It might be the SSD is dying? If you still want to use the laptop, can you boot from an external drive?

  • I was assuming that it might be that. Booting off an external drive would be an option but I believe it might be too slow as long it's not an SSD. Also didn't plan on spending more money on it for a new SSD.

  • Booting off an external drive won't be the best option, but it might work. You could try it with a USB stick if you have one big enough to put the OS on. USB3 isn't that slow, and flash drives are incredibly cheap these days.

  • IFTTT > turn on 45 minutes before the time you set an alarm every time you set an alarm > profit

  • Do I upgrade to an iPhone XR (£33pcm) or shell out a bit more for a 12 (£44pcm)? Sounds like more than I want to pay but considering how essential they are these days that extra £11 is peanuts really

  • I’d go 12. You can prob use it for 3-4 years. The XR is great though. Had one since launch and it still feels and works great. But for £11 I’d upgrade.

  • 499 vs 799 for outright (64gb) handset

    So maybe consider contract length but resale will be higher for the 12, so I would just go for that (its what Im doing)

  • Just moved into the world of usb-c and found that the orange double ended (both usb-c) cable from a new La Cie Rugged hard drive is almost impossible to plug into my new iPad Air. The black cable with usb-a on one end goes in no problem.
    I thought things like this were well standardized, especially with an established company like La Cie.

    Anyone else with this problem?

  • Isn't LaCie all fluff? Of all the hard drives I've had only 2 have failed, both LaCie.

    ^ There's some solid market research for ya!

  • Well there you go, I should have asked here first!
    I wonder if I can return it on the fit basis...

  • My experience aside, could it be a photography thing though? That the cables sit a bit firmer? I've got some Tether Tools cables and they seem to sit much firmer compared to cheaper cables

  • Firmer set is one thing, but I thought the orange cable was going to destroy my ipad before going in. At first I thought it was a different standard!

  • Command + click opens the file's parent folder. I agree that the lack of right-click options is baffling.

  • Is there a way to download the Catalina installer on a M1 MacBook? My 2012 Air freezes right after booting into the OS so I can't do it on it.

  • No chance.

    Catalina is built on x86 so Apple block it on their servers.

  • Have you tried safe boot mode?

    Or looked into recovery options?

  • Yup, but sadly neither helped. I can't even boot up to safe mode.

  • Thanks, will look into it!

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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