Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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  • Wait but time machine is notoriously rubbish. Carbon copy cloner will image the whole drive, OS and all. So if your TM backup fails you can recover to where you were.

    That or manually sync to your external drive, or better, use iCloud

  • Time Machine is, however, simple to use and very quick to recover individual files/emails etc from.

    I use it in tandem with Carbon Copy Cloner and rsync to an external NAS. Can never have too many backups.

  • 2015 Macbook pro with retina display. Need to replace the battery. Apple price is £200.
    Are there any feasible alternatives? Or is it highly advisable to take it to Apple?

  • £200 honestly sounds pretty reasonable from apple I think and at least your getting a genuine one at that too.

  • If it’s one of the ones where the battery is glued in the Apple price is a bargain.

  • Yeah. I've done an amount of consumer electronic repairs, but my wife's Macbook pro is definitely a higher stakes affair!

    Apple shop it is.

  • It's been a while since I've used a Mac, but have a friend asking for some advice. They're looking for a refurbished MBP and have around £800 to spend. Mostly using Sketch and Azure, maybe a bit of Illustrator or Photoshop.

    Would it be sensible to suggest they prioritise recent models and RAM over other specs? How old is too old?

  • I have dammit's old 2016 mbp. It's working perfectly for internet, rstudio and anaconda . 16gb. Would be less than £800.

  • The thing that’s going to kill and pre quad core Mac is teams or slack.

  • Teams can sink my top spec 2018 mini with 64gb ram on a bad day. Almost impressive how they manage to do it

  • On the note of Teams, do I need a client for it or can I run it in Safari?
    I have an exam through Teams on Wednesday but have never used it.

  • Get the client. Will run better.

  • Alright thanks!

  • Jesus Christ - how?!

  • Teams is the worst. I’m working with ms atm and I have to bite my tongue most calls.

  • Teams has been ok with my mid specs work Mac... I sometimes do 2 meetings at once... teams and something else...

  • Update on my Big Sur issue in case anyone is having the same problem. Looks like its the Wacom tablet as it always crashes when asleep if that is connected. Actually when I was updating to 11.1 Wacom driver it kept crashing too so had to uninstall and start again...

  • what wacom tablet are you using?
    was about to spend today/tomorrow getting me peripherals working with the new laptop, wacom bluetooth bamboo tablet being top of the list.

  • It's an Intous Pro, I've gone back to mouse for now...

  • okay. need to find the wacom desktop centre and download that, and see if I can get the latest driver update to get mine up and running.

  • sd card formatted exfat inside a camera - files play back fine on cam, card appears on imac/macbook pro - but no files. Get info shows data is used on the card, just files aren't visible. Easy fix without formatting? Don't have an SD reader for windows so can't test there.

    Files are .braw

  • Try running the Image Capture app on your Mac and see if it shows anything?

    Do you have a USB cable to try it on Windows via the camera?

  • Yeah, I already tried with windows but the camera shows up empty there too.

    Nothing doing on Image Capture.

    All footage plays back fine in camera. Really weird. Be bummed if i can't access it. Took my 4yo rock climbing today and he was ace.

  • Disk Utility said it was corrupt and couldn't be retrieved. Stuck it in and out a few more times on the mbp and finally got it copying - think the card readers on both the laptop and desktop are scuppered - never liked SD readers built into apple things - seem prone to wear. But still not sure why it wouldn't show up in windows when plugged into the cam. Anywho, working now.

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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