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  • Been offered a mk1 apple magic keyboard and mouse (aa battery) for £50 and/or the MK2 Magic 2 for £70.

    Are these good prices, this is ex school kit so trying to gauge if used might be an issue.

  • Never been a fan of the keyboards taking aa batteries. The newer flat ones are much better

  • No idea, are the prices good or high.

    Part of me hates the idea of giving the academy money. But if the bits are a bargain then I would use the keybaords and mous on my older imac.

  • Not really sure, but check eBay for used prices. I have a feeling that they are a bit on the high side.
    I’ve had the older AA battery keyboard for years and get on well with it. They haven’t been sold new for a good few years though, so £50 seems high to me. Depends how old the newer keyboard is but they are £100 new, £70 used seems too much.

  • @edscoble

    Worth taking a look at iOS 14.4 update, unless you already found a fix for the problem with the volume you mentioned a few months back

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  • Allegedly keyboards and mice, but not clear.

    The IT are particularly clueless/incompetent.

  • Might be worth it then if it’s the set. I have no prob with the older AA battery versions. I use rechargeable eneloops which last ages.
    My only concern would be how many sticky pupil hands have been all over them ;)

  • Hello Mac Heads,

    Does someone know how I can disable these effing things in WhatsApp on my iPhone? Or does someone know their name so I can google it?


  • Those are "stickers", I'm not sure you can completely disable them though..

  • Cheers I’ll have a google.

    Ed.: found a way, https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.wikih­ow.com/Remove-Stickers-on-WhatsApp%3famp­=1

    I regret if I distressed anyone, I’ve not become enraged at tech like that in a long time.

  • Hence why I said "I get the irony of saying this on an Apple Thread". Also I buy my shit from John Lewis, two years free warranty for the same price.

  • Interesting. Thanks I didn't know this. I do use mine for tethering and power, but I'll keep this in mind in the future.

  • Anyone else get this?

    Using Chrome on an old macbook. The search bar keeps defaulting back to Yahoo search engine so I have to keep going into the chrome settings to disable something called 'mainsearchcharacter' and changing it back to google rather than default.

    Thought this was related to a plugin so I've tried deleting those, but it just keeps coming back. Been going on for about 6 months. Not sure if it's doing it every Monday - need to keep tabs on it.

    Macbook is old. I try not to update software as it (mostly) still works like a dream and I don't want to run into issues with it not being compatible with new stuff. I'm not tech savvy if it's not obvious.

    EDIT - if it's mega complex no worries and I'll live with it.

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  • That's malware. Instructions for removal here:

    (don't install any of those awful MacKeeper type apps, because that's how you end up with this crap)

  • Anyone else having problems with Big Sur? Since upgrade my mini now crashes and shuts down whenever it sleeps. Tried all the usual stuff but can't find a fix so just set it not to sleep now...

  • thanks very much

  • thanks very much

  • Got my aunt looking at a new MBP 13"

    Ive read on here the new M1 MacBooks are great so should she be getting the £1700 M1 with 16gb or the gen 10 quad core 2ghz i5 with 16gb

    Im thinking the M1 might be better but ive not full read into this yet so hoping someones got a better answer from actually using them

  • M1, no question... Unless your aunt absolutely needs to use Boot Camp/x86 virtual machines right now.

  • M1 - no question.

  • I thought that, but just wanted to check. Thanks guys.

  • How can I stop my MacBook from nagging me when I don't eject USB drives "properly"?

  • If she is a casual user the m1 MacBook air may be better

  • She wants to edit video on it, so needs something with a bit of power as I’ve got stuff I shot that was in pro res.

  • They have exactly the same processor.

    In theory the MBP can go longer without throttling because it has a fan, but in practice the MBA doesn't put out enough heat to need to throttle noticeably.

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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