Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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  • Super happy with my 12 mini, great size and the battery seems good enough although better on the larger ones i believe. Ending up using the wide angle camera a lot more than i thought i would.

    iPhone SE2 is probably very solid choice, with the upside/downside of working/looking exactly the same as the old 6. No need to re-learn the navigation of the UI, the form factor with bezels makes it easy to reach the whole screen one handed. Finger print reader is great in face mask times. Great price point.

  • The iPhone 6 is obsolete in terms of not receiving OS updates anymore, which leads to not being able to run the latest versions of apps, which means he might not be able to use certain things in the near future.

    Replacing the battery is a false economy.

  • Cheers.

    It's obviously his money, but it always pains me to see him get fleeced for something OTT for his needs.

  • Camera Live & Cam Twist?

  • Fuck me looking at phones on the apple store online is a painful experience.

    It's like a slick version of those early websites with shit bouncing all over the place.

  • Thanks that's a lot easier! The SE looks decent. Going to suggest that.

    Do new iPhones still come to you all set up with your apps and account, so your new phone looks almost identical to your old one?

    In terms of prep I guess it's just a case of backing everything up to iCloud first.

  • No probs! Gotta cut through the noise sometimes :)

    Back the old phone up to iCloud, then use Quick Start. It's very straight forward. More reading here https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT210216­

  • Can anyone help with what spec MacBook to get?

    Will be used for work email, spreadsheets and connecting to work server to dump stuff on that.

    I have zero idea where to start.

  • Perfect thanks. Does look like what I need.

  • Back the old phone up to iCloud, then use Quick Start. It's very straight forward.

    Looking back at the old days of writing out all your contacts onto a bit of paper in case the transfer to SIM didn't work as you moved it to a new phone the way iPhone's do transfers/setting up new devices via the iCloud is like magic!

  • Went for a £15 capture card and an HDMI to mini-HDMI cable, interested to see if it’s any cop.

  • Hopefully that’ll work for you. I’ve found cheap capture cards a bit hit and miss in the past

  • Hi couldn’t find anything on the Elgato site about Big Sur compatibility so that was too much of a risk. £15 I’m ok with.

  • Just to update on the battery raplacement, once I'd charged it, and booted it up there was some current running through the case, afterwards bit of investigation it was the cable that counts to the screen in the top left had some epxposed cores, so a little square of insulation tape sorted that out.

    It's back up to speed now for another 10years of using a trial photoshop cs4.

  • It's back up to speed now for another 10years of using a trial photoshop cs4.


  • Do you mind me asking which battery you used? Was it OEM or something else?

  • Have been using my 13" MBP M1 for about six weeks now and no issues, it works great. The touch bar thing is good. Moving from windows has been relatively pain free. I half expected it to explode or brick itself after reading a couple of horror stories but unless writing this means I've now jinxed it all is good.

  • Comparison of the Apple M1 Air webcam with my old Fuji tethered via a £15 video capture card - can you guess which is which?

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  • I hope to god the Fuji is the second one, otherwise my MBP is looking pretty potato right now.

  • Didn't apple make their webcams worse for the new macbook pros

  • Apple has to be the No1 cameras have always been mince on them

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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