Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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  • More specific to video files and codecs, and it’s hard enough figuring out why premiere falls over at the best of times, without introducing file compatibility issues into the mix..

    Also my historical aversion to being an early adopter on any Mac stuff.

  • I got a MBP but only because there was about £100 off on Amazon. Would have gone Air otherwise.

  • Mines needs to get fixed, I need to get mine done on the recall but a pain in the arse for it.

    I will say mines has been rapid for everything I’ve need to use it for video and photo.

  • On first impression moving from a 2016 to the M1 I was a bit unsatisfied with the additional thickness to accommodate the longer keystroke keyboards as I was so used to the shallowness of the butterfly but must confess that that didn't last long. I do however wish the Function keys were physical.
    Does anybody know a good app for customising the Touch Bar ?

  • Hmmm I've just watched some videos talking about video editing problems which is a concern. Also bluetooth is patchy apparently.

  • Yeah mbp was in the mix too because of the fans. Currently thinking to go with mini and get a nice display. There are some people saying you can use a portable screen with the mini and use it like a laptop lol

  • Even though the MBP is almost constantly plugged into powered USB C for the monitor, I'm still glad I got a laptop. Just don't like the lack of flexibility of the mini. They're the same power so why compromise on the portability?

  • Easy, I can access all my cloud saved files from my ipad and remote access my mini if I need to. Why pay more when all you need is the base station.

  • Any recommendations of where to buy my RAM upgrade for my iMac? My work used to use mrmemory.co.uk and I don’t know of any others.

  • I've always got mine from crucial.eu, always worked without issues

  • Thanks, I’ll check them out!
    I appreciate it.

  • Downloading, Thank you!

  • Anybody else got an iPhone 12 that won't wirelessly charge?

    My GF got a iPhone 12 mini, and the new Magsafe Wireless charger (which arrived a week later). We couldn't get the phone to charge at all on any of the wireless chargers we already had. So we waited a week for the other part of the order to arrive. And now the new Magsafe wireless charger has arrived, the iPhone 12 mini won't charge on that either. But the Magsafe charges my iPhone 11 pro and B&O headphone case fine.

    It appears Apple have made a Magsafe Wireless charger, which charges everything except the phone it's specifically made to charge?

  • have you restarted the phone? my mini stopped wireless charging randomly but restarted and worked fine

  • Will let you know when my wireless charger arrives (I've got an iPhone 12 mini).

  • have you restarted the phone? my mini stopped wireless charging randomly but restarted and worked fine

    Tried a restart and it seems to be working okay. But a bit concerned that it'll stop working again in a day or two, as online that appears to be a common issue. And she's only got two days to return the phone, if this keeps happening.

  • mines only done it once tbf, and i got my mini on release day

  • I'd keep it (if she likes the phone otherwise...)

    If it's an issue with the specific phone, Apple will swap it out at any time without asking questions. If it's software related, they'll fix it in the next dot release.

  • Wireless charger works flawlessly for me so far on my iPhone 12 mini. Even through the £3 gel cover I have on the phone.

    Never thought I'd bother buying one but I had some internal work "points" to use up and it was just enough to get one. It's quite nice to just bung on the desk and plonk the phone on.

  • Backup query. I currently pay for additional iCloud storage for myself and family. My wife mentioned that her phone was ‘full’ and she couldn’t complete a recent update. Obviously there is no issue with the amount of storage on iCloud but why is her phone ‘full’. How can data be moved to the cloud to make space on the phone ?

  • Settings -> general -> Storage will have suggestions.

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  • Get her to check in settings - general - iPhone storage

    It will give options for saving space including optimising photos, and offloading unused apps. That’s prob the best place to start.

    Edit - ninja'd

  • Good stuff - thanks for the advice.

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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