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  • And then you install the very first version of a new OS which has been designed primarily for the Apple M1 SOC. Yes, it shouldn't brick your machine but you didn't need to upgrade, certainly not before checking if there were going to be issues.

    Or maybe you're a developer and need the latest version of Safari, which is tied to the OS version so you can only stay up to date by doing OS updates as soon as they're released.

  • Also how is it faulty to expect an OS update to work

  • And then you install the very first version of a new OS which has been designed primarily for the Apple M1 SOC.

    Source? I don't think it's designed primarily for M1, and the convenience it brings (ie. for auto-switching Airpods between phone/mac) is really nice. Yeah the icons/looks are a little bit weird at first, takes a day to getting used to.

    God knows I'm livid with Apple for their T2 chip (edit: and Bog Sur bypassing the firewall)

    Turns out it's not doing that: https://www.reddit.com/r/privacy/comment­s/k07yan/macos_big_sur_does_not_bypass_v­pns/

  • anyone know what this is worth? are ebay sales a good indicator (compared to selling to a shop?) It's been 8 years since I've sold a laptop!!

    MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012, 250GB SSD, 16GB RAM, i7 quad core, 2.6GHz) - cosmetically excellent condition.

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  • Is there anything you could have done differently when faced with either before or after these situations which would have resulted in a different outcome for you?

    Oh absolutely... before these things happened I could've chosen not to purchase an Apple device. After they happened I could've chosen to learn the lesson and not continue investment in the Apple ecosystem - the first I failed to do, the second I won't fail to do.

    Still full on victim blaming though... the line of reasoning applied to virtually anything else is abhorrent and offensive.

  • After my failed attempt to buy a secondhand iMac, documented upthread, and finally getting my money back thanks to an enlightened corporate that took the view that my telling them that it looked to be theirs was an act of that needed rewarding, I am still no closer to getting my hands on a machine that can cope with my Lightroom requirements. My thinking now is just to wait.

  • Hello, testing testing. I am using an iphone for the first time ever. So far ok, bar no way to transfer whatsapp history.

  • bar no way to transfer whatsapp history.

    Yeah, pretty unbelievable that Facebook haven't implemented a way to switch between Android and iOS

  • You can use something called dr done but it costs about £20....

  • I eventually managed to get it to start up by holding down the power button and plugging the magsafe in after 10 seconds. It didn't recognise the battery so I powered down opened it up, disconnected and reconnected the battery. It started up first time but the fans we're working over time so I reset the SMC and all seems ok again. Recognises the battery, charged to 100% and fans off.

  • As a palate cleanser, just dragged my 512ke out of its box and booted it up from the only surviving bootable 800k floppy I have left. 48 seconds to the System 6 desktop. This was my first Mac (and I’m FUMING that Apple abandoned the serial mouse port for fancy-schmancy ADB. Left me high and dry! Never again! &c &c).

  • about £20....

    Yeah I googled up a few options and decided it’s not worth it. There’ll be new messages to fill the void...

  • Lovely bit of design that. I had to let mine go in a clear out a few years ago, just couldn't justify the space it was taking up any more.

  • Good to know, thanks for sharing.

  • Such a cute slab. A real museum piece these days, cherish it well.

  • https://9to5mac.com/2020/11/30/apple-fin­ed-12m-for-unfair-claims-about-iphone-wa­ter-resistance/

    Apple fined for selling the iPhone as water resistant then denying warranty claims for water damage. Italy.

  • I bought an app to do it. Worked perfectly. Cost £35

    If you’re in London, you are welcome to come use it

  • Thanks for the offer! Not local I’m afraid but which app was it?

    Edit: are you backing it up using iCloud now?

  • Dr. Fone. And yes to iCloud

  • How does the apple tv free service work . Bought a new ipad and we get a free year if apple tv that i have registered for at no cost. However everything i have looked at film wise appears as payment to rent eg “the dawn wall” £5.99 ?

  • Yeah only a few films are actually on Apple TV, you get all Apples content for free...

  • The inclusive service is Apple TV Plus (or “tv+”) and only includes a fairy small number of Apple produced original TV series. No films.

    There’s a load of other stuff in the “tv” app just to make it extra confusing.

    ETA: The forum software is hiding the Apple logos.

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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