Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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  • My iPhone XS had zero problems connecting to my car stereo, my iPhone 12 mini can't see or be seen by the same stereo at all.


  • Can your car stereo be linked to more than one device at a time?

    Try unlinking your XS and seeing if the other one can connect.

  • Anyone on here actually got one of these? They worth it?
    I guess I'd probably use a single one in home office and depending on how rugged I reckon it is I'd consider taking it on shoots in a pelicase (assuming the shoot was studio/static etc. I'd fix it to a vesa on my camera cart).

  • I just came home and plugged in my MacBook, and it made the sound to confirm that it's connected to power now (which always reminds me of the way a cat I had wailed when it was seing ghosts, MEAU),
    then connected the iPhone as well - and it also made the sound, just not as loud, but as if it was "answering".

    I thought it would be really cool if the bigger device had the meowing sound like an octave deeper and the smaller iPhone higher.

  • I would love if it did that.

  • I work with the people who might buy one of these. (I think our jobs are kinda similar).
    for something reasonably affordable and use on set/field, they use smallhd.
    for serious monitoring, they use flanders scientific.

  • What’s the forum approved method of posting an iMovie video on Instagram? Do I have to pay money for a conversion app?

  • Shouldn;t need a converter, just export the video, airdrop it to your phone and upload.

  • Did anyone try their AirPods on Big Sur or the M1 Macs yet? Did Apple fix the bad audio quality when the mic of the AirPods is being used?

  • I got five of these, seem to be very good so far:

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  • They're definitely a good idea but i've heard a few stories of cheaper ones glue coming unstuck due to the heat from charging and leaving the surround of the port stuck in the laptop...

  • I'll keep an eye on that for sure, but they seem to be (very!) cheap insurance, they break away way before you apply enough force to pull a laptop off a polished table surface.

  • Do you use a separate keyboard?

    And if not, how do you tolerate the cat hairs? Or am I the only one that polishes every key before I touch it.

  • I've got an mac mini but had the same thing when I used Teams the other day. Once I turned teams off the audio quality increased

  • Where did you get that from, I could do with a couple?

  • You prob have to polish the keys on your vintage Mac to keep it running.
    Haven't you bought a new one yet?

  • Do you use a separate keyboard?

    And if not, how do you tolerate the cat hairs? Or am I the only one that polishes every key before I touch it.

    I always wear surgical gloves when using a computing device.

  • Having to spunk about 7 grand on a shoot next week but will get the one discussed when client pays, assuming i10 doesn't make an appearance by then (it won't).

    Still not sure re. overheating of the 16" - read that the 5600m doesn't suffer as much as the 5500m so can run without frame drops for longer. Don't really want to be unscrewing the thing and adding tynan thermal paste..

    Linking here for input from anyone else with experience/time to kill:



    My understanding is this kind of fuckery isn't warranted with the 5600m?

    5600m still blows M1 out of the water in render times in Resolve as well as timeline playback without optimising media / displaying half res etc with multiple nodes/effects applied. And most importantly bootcamp. So not going to bother waiting for 16" silicon. May get one additionally in the future but happy with intel for now.

  • Jesus I wonder why it happens on Mac but not on the iPhone. Really annoying

  • I'm not surprised at all that MS apps fucks up random things :)

  • It's not just MS apps, it's systemwide. Every time the mic is being used MacOS switches the codec to SCO which drastically worsens the sound quality. The only fix right now is to switch to internal mic but that defeats the purpose of wireless headphones.

  • Cheers. Looks like they're somewhat erratic when used for USB C to USB C so think I may hold off.

  • Interesting. And also a bit pants

  • My laptop is killing me... dual core hell...
    Do I give up Windows and eGPU support and buy an M1 mini or grab a second hand/refurb i7 2018/2020?

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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