Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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  • Did you really just use the word 'retarded', in a sentence when you're discussing deafness / hearing impairments?

  • Allright, to sum things up, could all deaf people please consider their phones SPL levels before having another moan, thanks

  • yes and pdf seemingly

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  • Yeah, been using it for months. Its decent.

  • While I’m trying really hard, I fail to not feed the troll... Apple assumes, that most people use AirPods, or EarPods with their phones. In those instances, they definitely do know all the information that you mention which dictates loudness. When I hook up my B&W headphones, I see a message that says listening volume levels might not be as accurately monitored as with Apple headphones.
    Apart from that, have a nice day.

  • Perhaps you underestimated how insulting some people find it when that word is used to refer to something negatively. Or perhaps you just don't care, which I think is probably more likely considering your previous comments.

  • Strange. If you want, I can check the images and pdf's and see if I can open them? If so we can figure out if it's your mac or the file that's the issue. Ping me a pm!

  • Carte blanche for insulting others then?

  • You clearly have reading comprehension issues.

    You're annoying.

  • I didn't, unless I missed a comment I'm not sure how I would.

  • Also, who fucking cares?

  • Have you got some form of ad-blocker or similar? Some can block image hosts. Have you tried on different internet connections?

  • don't think so and in previous years with older brother we used to receive ok...havent tried an alternative internet connection


  • I've pmed you

  • iPhone Mini has arrived, so far, very happy with the size and weigh

  • iPhone 12 pro Max arrived today. Way too big for 3 hrs, now it's just right and I can't go back. Loving the camera. Moving from an iPhone 8 that went flat half way through the day its a real treat.

  • Others would imply people. The adjective was not used to describe anybody.

    (Troll feeding below. Apologies.)

    So. As long as the word doesn't refer to a person, it's OK is it?

    So I would be fine to call your bicycle niggardly? Or a fucking homo bike? Or a kike bike? Or a massive lezzie bike? Or a silly little girl of a bike? Or a Paki bike?

    These are all totally fine things to say are they?

    Blow me down, the force of your argument is stunning.

    Cock off, ladle face. And close the fucking door behind you.

    I imagine Dominic Cummings is looking for a drinking buddy, why don't you go and find him?

  • I don't want to ignore you. I want to illuminate your bigotry.

  • Got him on block already - maybe it is Old Dom? We all start not doing work a couple of weeks before we finish a job.

    Perhaps he’s been on here rather than sticking his nose up Boris.

  • mate, just >>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Really tempted, being holding onto my SE version 1 in hope they would do a small phone with ‘square’ bezel... just a bit worried about battery life. Could you report back after some days?

  • I really don’t think you can, which speaks volumes.

  • Itching over an iPhone 12 mini purchase too. It's years since I've had a brand new phone (tend to buy 2nd hand every 18-30 months).

    Currently on a several year old 1st gen iPhone SE and the battery lasts about 8 hours if I'm lucky, but then I'm not really going out anywhere and it sits on my desk plugged in to a charger most of the day. If I use an app like Google Maps and scroll around it goes down about 1% every 5 seconds.

    £31/month from Apple direct (128GB model) seems like the best deal I can see. There's nothing special for me if I go via current provider (EE).

    Just got a new iPhone SE (2020) from work but can't upgrade it this weekend as I'm on call and I can't switch the existing phone off. (Can't put personal stuff on work phone either.) But it'll give me a chance to see if an upgrade to the new iPhone SE would be good enough (and cheaper).

  • External ssd recommendations ? I’ve just had a 3rd one die in as many years, luckily recovered 90% of data but it would be nice to have one that lasted more than a couple of years. LaCie, Seagate Adata all failures...

  • Hi, I've had a similar issue in the past with both my Mac and iPhone.

    Are you using the most up to date OS? I believe the boxes are newer emojis which your OS doesn't recognise, especially given that it's after the words "glitter" and "Christmas" which have related emojis, and some keyboards can automatically add them in depending on the user's settings.

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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