Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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  • Pretty sure i'll pick up the mini. Like the idea of the wallet attachment too, though I don't want to give up my trusty @31trum wallet that's been going for 10 years...

  • Ah right, want to avoid catalina. thanks anyway

  • I'll look into that, dont mind it being plugged in tbh.

  • did you see how many cards can fit? Hope it's more than one or two (4 would do me fine)

  • No - can't see that info anywhere on site / in videos etc. Assume 3 or 4. They're leather so maybe stretch over time...

    Mini doesn't go on pre-order until November so reviews for the wallet will be out by then.

  • Same, I'm a big fan of smaller phones in general having had a larger phone for the past 2 years.

    Just not sure if I'll buy outright or wait and see what contract prices are...

  • Wallet case? You're getting old

  • want to avoid catalina



  • I need dual sim (physical not eSim) so its 12 or 12 pro for me. Trying to work out if the extra lens + Lidar will be useful.

  • Next stage

  • Do they have dual physical sim? Thought iPhone only offered e-sim as second sim option.

  • What's really interesting is the pricing of the new handsets.

    It's probably the scariest economic forecast yet:

    The iPhone 12 mini starts at $699 / £699 / AU$1,199...
    ....the new iPhone 12 starts at $799, the iPhone 12 Pro starts at $999, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max starts at $1,099.

  • full fat iphone12 mini is £850.

  • Exactly. That's basically upper end Android pricing.

    It makes the world where they were making $999 screen stands feel like a million miles away.

  • HK/China version is dual physical except mini which is single physical and eSim.

    128gb 12 pro works out at £850 which is the same price as the 128gb 12 in UK so that’s a free upgrade right?

  • Is there a different UK model to the US ones with different modems?

    When i bought my X in the US i think I had to make sure i got the Sprint/TMobile version to support UK 4G networks.

    Probably makes no difference in 2020 as I won't be going to the US for work anytime soon so will probably just buy here

  • Yes - no mmWave 5G in the UK phones.

    I think they all support the same 4G bands now though so that would be the only difference.

  • That's annoying. Why wouldn't they extend that to here?

    I'd definitely end up having a 2nd sim for work rather than pissing about with e-sim.

  • I dont really understand the 2nd sim thing, like, how does that even work? wich data gets used?

    I have two phones, but one sim right now, the sim plan is my work plan but with my personal number transferred to it (we luckily have a easy automated process upon termination for reclaiming your number)

  • You set which line makes outgoing calls and uses data. You can even choose by contact which line to use.

  • I asked about it in here and done some reading up about it and it doesn't get good reviews. Im still on HS.

  • Google's version of this is interesting, it does this and switches automatically but since it's an MVNO your number just moves around.

    I use Google FI in the US, so T&-Mobile, Sprint, US Cellular. It's normally connected to T/Sprint at the same time (even though technically that's the same company now)

    That I might miss on the iPhone I don't think it's capable of auto-switching depending on performance (and neither do multiplexing)

  • I have a small issue with my external hard drive here. I doesn't show up when I plug it in, neither in Finder nor Disk Utility. It shows up in System Information though. What can I do other than trying different cables and USB ports?
    It's my data drive where I store all my stuff so I wouldn't like to just dump it.

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  • Just gone Pixel 4 > 12 Pro.

    Pixel 5 is a sideways move and the battery life on my pixel has basically made me switch. Can barely make it to 8pm with moderate usage on a 9 month old device!

    Widgets and general home screen freedom has tempted me back to iOS.

    Also Esims are great. I work for a Telco and regularly test services. I can have 20+ Esims loaded onto my phone and switch between them at will! No more scrabbling around in the draw for physical Sims. Win.

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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