Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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  • Looking to buy a laptop in the very near future, MBP 16 is on the shortlist.

    Can get one for a good price with discount and vouchers, but wondering if the imminent release of the ARM powered versions makes buying one now a bad move?

  • anyone with airpods pro needs these

  • Yeah? Do they 'click' in place like the originals do?

  • Bluckle? Everyone needs a bluckle!😁

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  • panda pods

  • I bought a loaded one recently.

    I'm assuming that the transition to ARM will take a while, especially for the upper-end of the Mac range, and I need x86 virtualisation and native Bootcamp support for the kind of work I do.

    I'm also assuming that once my 16" becomes obsolete, I'll replace it with an ARM Macbook of some sort and keep a slim & light x86 machine to hand for the Windows/Linux x86 applications I can't do without.

    The new ARM-based Microsoft laptops will feature emulation for both 32-bit and now 64-bit x86 software, so it's feasible that by the time I'll have to switch I'll be able to at least run Windows apps under emulation within an ARM Win10 VM.

  • yeah, they have the mesh and fit in the case too.

  • Don't suppose anyone is in the market for a magic keyboard? I'm not a fan of the smaller version so it's surplus to requirements.

    PM me if you are. Thanks.

  • I've got hold of a new monitor a hp e243, which has a port for powering a laptop, does anyone know of a dc power cable that goes from 7.5mm to magsafe 2 or 4.5mm to magsafe 2, or a usb c to magsafe 2, so I can power my macbook air from it?
    This is the front room/dining table set up, so looking to have as few things plugged into the 4 way extension as possible.

  • First Arm Macs rumoured to be announced next month so once the cards are down I'd weigh up your options, but pretty much what @ectoplasmosis said.

  • Annoying quirk developed on my mid 2015 MBP running Catalina. Whenever it's been left to go to sleep it won't connect to the internet on being woken up without a restart. It stays connected to my home wifi but insists it's offline until I manually restart it. Any ideas how to fix?

  • Genuine, warranted battery fitted for £49, with a high chance of a brand new phone instead? No-brainer in my book.

    I really feel like taking the gamble on the new handset, but I'll no doubt be pissed off when they manage to fix my existing one and I've paid over the odds rather than just doing it myself.

  • Ive for High Sierra on my Mac I seen a quirky thing where you can have 2 screen and use an iPad/ipad pro as a 2nd screen but I can seem to get it to work.

  • The official Apple way to do this is called Sidecar, but you need to be on Catalina for this.

  • iPhone 12 mini looks like a winner to me.

  • hard agree, i hope we start seeing car mounts taking advantage of these magnets too

  • That 12 mini will sell like hot muffins..

  • I've abandoned my iPad 12"... I just wasn't using it. As a second monitor it was OK but limited... but compared to a real second monitor it was always a second choice.

    With sidecar it was an extremely expensive but small 2nd monitor.
    Without sidecar I barely used it... at best it was my once-a-month Deliveroo device... but that's not the reason to keep an iPad Pro.

    Am gifting it to my partner instead.

  • 12 mini does look good, but £699. Hopefully that'll push the iPhone SE price down.

    Getting work phone upgraded to iPhone SE 2020 so will see what that's like first.

  • I’m still waiting for the iPad Air to come out.

    So iPhone mini screen is same size as my 8plus but overall phone is smaller? Looks good to me

  • Would love a 12 mini for my pocket but kinda like the screen size of my XR. Hm.

  • The homepod mini introduction was fucking creepy. Is that the future?

  • Duet will work, but you may need to use a lead.

  • I'm moving over from Android (Pixel 4XL) but kinda not sure which of the new Iphone 12 to buy.
    Max is out, but the other three all are tempting.

    I think I'll end up with the 12 Pro though (and I do have 5G mmWave coverage where I am)

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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