Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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  • Smashed my series 4 twice cost me 280 for apple to replace each time which is obviously cheaper than a new one but still smarted.

  • I can understand that. I’m still smarting!

  • Need to create some teaching materitals, any recommendation for making the cursor my visable like hightlight or a red circle etc?

  • System Preferences > Accessibility > Display > Cursor > size slider

  • OK, battery on my trusty iPhone SE (not the new one) is on the way out, 72% max capacity but it can be on charge all evening and then turn off within minutes of use complaining of 2% battery, then it turns back on and recovers to ~85% within minutes of being plugged in again and then works fine for hours.

    Fixing it hasn't been a concern as it mainly sits next to me on my desk all day whilst I'm WFH.

    Do I:-
    a) Get a cheapo battery from eBay and replace it myself (~£10 or so)
    b) Book an appointment at an Apple Store and get them to do it (£49 plus travel faff)
    c) Just get a new iPhone SE 2020 on a 2 year contract for ~£24/mo more than my current contract (and moving to unlimited data)

    I think I've bought second hand iPhones for the last 6 years or so, so I've saved a boat load over the years. Don't need a new iPhone SE 2020 but they're shiny.

  • The new iPhone 12 (including a mini version) are being announced next Tuesday.

    Whatever you do, it’s probably worth waiting until then.

  • Whatever you do, it’s probably worth waiting until then.

    Good to know.

    I like the form factor of the older iPhone SE. Don't really think I'd like anything bigger than that so I'll take a look at the iPhone 12 Mini when it appears. But, yes, if new stuff comes out it may push the prices of the older stuff down a bit.

  • I'm in a similar boat that my next phone will more than likely be the SE2 or the 12 mini, which I don't really know much about at the moment.

  • The "12 mini" exists only in the minds of hardcore rumour believers. Something like that gets talked about every year and has always been a no show.

    (but even a stopped clock etc.)

  • Apart from the pictures of parts, registration with electronics governing bodies and pictures of the name on charger and case labels leaking out of China...

    Even a 3d printed version based on leaked schematics:

    ^ iPhone SE, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone SE 2

  • Just kicked off upgrading my work mobile (2017 iPhone SE) to an iPhone SE 2020 and wondering if I can just use the dual sim aspect of the iPhone SE 2020 to cover both. Saves me having to carry both phones around when I'm on call (one weekend in 3).

    Although that may not work due to different networks (work = voda, personal = EE, and not sure if the phone is locked to vodafone). Also having both work and personal email mangled into one mail app.

  • (but even a stopped clock etc.)

    As @Soul pointed out the rumors this year seem to have a little more weight behind them.

  • Get a cheapo battery from eBay and replace it myself

    ..might want to give this a go even if you would actually buy a new phone; old iPhones are great MP3-players, emergency flashlights, meditation timers, etc.

    I did go with "Hagnaven", they weren't the cheapest of them all but had good reviews; replacement was a tad fiddly (don't do it when you're in a rush / just had two coffees), but definitely doable.

  • For what it’s worth, I’ve had batteries replaced by Apple a couple of times. On both occasions they gave me brand new phones instead, as the battery removal tab inside the phones ‘snapped’, which causes the entire phone to be condemned and scrapped due to ‘fire risk’.

    Genuine, warranted battery fitted for £49, with a high chance of a brand new phone instead? No-brainer in my book.

  • Same happened with me, went to get the old SE's battery replaced this time last year and when picking it up they said 'we had a problem, couldn't replace it'...heart sank...'so here's a replacement handset instead'.

    Just be sure to back up before taking it in!

  • Yep, I had the same situation, they couldn't undo one of the screws easily on my iPhone X so they gave me a new one...

  • Have you taken a phone apart before?

    It's very fiddly and you need to buy a quality set of screwdrivers.

    Also if the phone is old and not in good general condition you can get stuck quickly.

    Not to say don't give it a crack, but just know it's not going to cost a tenner and if others are getting new phones for £50, it seems hard to justify the £20-30 saving unless you really need that money.

  • I've replaced the battery and screen (for someone else) in an old iPhone before (although I know it changes based on the model) and on my Garmin Edge 705 GPS. I'm fine with intricate work like this. I have a set of suitable tools/spreaders/etc. Phone is in otherwise good condition.

    It's a £43 saving (as I just ordered a battery for under £6) for doing it myself compared to getting Apple to do it. With a replacement battery it'll be like new anyway, and I don't mind if that only lasts another year or so as I'll be looking to replace the entire handset by then anyway.

  • It's very fiddly and you need to buy a quality set of screwdrivers.

    Yea it's a bit fiddly, but it isn't rocket science.
    I'm usually not good at stuff like this but managed to do it first try.

    Also they give you all the tools you need with the battery, the whole package is just 20 bucks.

    Sure if I had warranty and could live without the phone for a while I'd bring it to apple, but otherwise / with Covid circumstances etc. I'd just do it myself..

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  • Also they give you all the tools you need with the battery

    Ymmv but the tools that came with my one were awful and almost fucked the phone.

    @Greenbank - sounds like you're in a good position to do it. Good luck!

  • If the phone is unlocked it should work, EE provides eSim stuff and (before I switched providers) my iPhone XS worked just fine with EE eSim + a non-UK Vodafone SIM. Just take your phone to an EE shop and/or have a webchat/phonetalk.

  • Just looked at apple se battery repairs and they charge 49 quid plus vat making it 56 plus postage.

  • Any Mac users tried the beta for the Canon Webcam Utility or similar software from another camera manufacturer? If so is the visual/audio delay very noticeable? My wife wants to upgrade her setup for her live Zoom yoga classes (she currently uses the rear camera on her iPhone with a little HDMI adapter connected to the TV so she can see everyone) but doesn't want to drive her students crazy with obvious lag between her movement and speech. There's also the option of getting a capture card like a Cam Link but Elgato's recommended specs seem like her 2013 MacBook Pro would struggle a lot.

  • Have you tried the Camera Live / Camtwist combination? Works a treat with my old 60D. No capture card necessary, just a usb cable


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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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