Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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  • No idea, but am on catalina and want to go back. On a 10 year old macbook pro that upgraded via system upgrade. While a battery less macbook air that had to be forced to go to catalina seems fine.

  • Which supports eGPU pass through.
    Now if they get it running in ARM...

  • I'm just gonna stick with HS and not fuck something that's working

  • Anyone want my Apple TV 3rd Gen model (A1469) - £40 posted with remote and wall plug

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  • Should I get an ipad pro @soul @rogan or others? And which one? Thanks!

  • I love mine. Even more since the magic keyboard came out.

    I keep wondering if I should have got the 12.9 instead of the 11 but it’s super portable.

  • if i was buying today id order the new ipad air and magic keyboard.

    unless you need the storage, 12.9” or power not sure theres much point in the pro, not that its bad, just.. the air is cheaper.

    i got the 11”and magic keyboard and its really great.

  • That's interesting - I'd been thinking about going for the 12.9 but the air is basically the same size as the 11 inch pro and basically as good as far as I can tell?

  • yeah basically from my understanding.. fun colours too

  • Our old iPad Mini 2 is getting long in the tooth. If I'm replacing it, to use purely for Facetime and Netflix on journeys, am I going to regret just buying the new stock 32gb iPad or should I pay the extra for the 128gb?

  • If you’re streaming everything you just need the 32gb. There’s loads of cloud services these days, so it’s not that necessary to store everything on your device.

  • Thanks. When using our old one for Netflix, we usually do the download option so we can watch on a plane etc. Pretty sure it compresses the files and they are only temporary so can't see that using too much but I'm always wary of how much space IOS takes from the initial 32gb.

  • Did anyone dare to upgrade to iOS 14 yet?

  • Yes goosed my phone sucked the life out of the battery put a translation app in and altered the text size ! On everything.

  • ..ha!

    Yea I'm kinda worried it will have a negative impact on my (admittedly quite old) iPhone 6s regarding battery life and general snappy-ness..
    ..also not really sold on that new way of organizing apps and neither a fan of fucking widgets, good grief this is like a windows desktop now!

  • my wife had this and it fixed by doing friday’s update

  • Ok so my MacBook Pro 2017 is on its last legs. I've 'tampered' so it can't be cashed in, though it might be possible for a 3rd party to replace the flex gate ribbon (I can currently only open the lid to 90 degrees)
    Very tempted to get the new 10th gen intel version and expect this would be a really strong performance upgrade but I'm tempted to wait for the ARM one which may well come with a new form factor which you'd hope saw the bezels shrinking down (more likely a screen growth than the whole thing shrinking.)
    What're peoples strong thoughts on Intel vs Arm ?
    Its hard to expect anything but strong performance when the iPad Pro currently performs so well.

  • From the rumours I have read:
    2 ARM models this year (starting with low end MacBook -12 core)
    No Bootcamp support.
    Intel Macs have about 5 years of support to look forward to.

    Due to Apples admittance of the flex issue you may still be able to get it sorted.

  • Annoyingly it hasn’t been released as had thought about picking it up in T5 at the weekend

  • I’ve had a bit of an issue with my Apple Watch - Series 3. If anyone had one available please give me a shout. Looking at the Series 6 but it’s a bit pricey. Something the same as mine (without the obvious marks) would suit. My day has not been good!

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  • Oof. Maybe get one of those g-shock cases...

  • A bit late but I might go that route next time. This was the second Apple Watch I’ve managed to wreck.

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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