Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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  • There's no cuda support for premiere pro on a mac but that's not the the only reason I'm switching.

    I still need a workstation, not an all in one system and to stay with apple I'd have to get the new mac pro. Now I think it's a great machine but I'd be spending an extra 5k for essentially the os.

  • I've been using Android since the iPhone 3G (basically since iTunes wiped out my mp3 selection cuz I dared sync it with my other osx laptop!)... but I'm really hoping the iPhone 12s are good.

    Basically a bit bored of Google, the inconsistancies, how things work but not quite... I'll probably still keep my Pixel 4XL for a bit though (depending on trade in value).

    That said I've borrowed a iPhone 7 and stuck iOS 14 on it. Honestly it's very similar to Android now (except you STILL can't place icons where you want, they auto line up which is annoying)

  • Camera is the main reason to buy the 12 imo. It's absolutely amazing.

    Obviously it's powerful, but I've only known one person irl who uses anything close to the full potential of their high spec smartphone.

    Like you I think OS differences are minor, usually overblown and are easily to adapt to.

  • Sorry it should have occurred to me that you’d already considered this.

    I am so tempted by this just to futureproof myself against Catalina and no more Nvidia support from Apple. My hatred for the T2 chip architecture is already well documented upthread. Basically I’m in the same boat as Chris, but I’m more attached to CUDA support as working occasionally with tensorflow.

    The only issue is my current GPU (running off a 2013 MacBook Pro) is watercooled and I don’t think there’s space for the additional fan in this case, right? It’s currently housed in an eGPU case but that needs thunderbolt, which the G5 doesn’t support. So I’d have to buy another GPU unless anyone has any suggestions. If I can overcome the GPU challenge I’ll take it.

  • I bought an iPhone 7 for work, my first iPhone! It's like a phone for kids, I hate it compared to my Pixel 3...

  • I've been editing on macs for 20 years but the switch has been on my mind since the trash can mac pros came out. Every time they update the os they add so many shitty little things that I just end up disabling to make it as close to snow leopard as I can. I've used pcs on and off at different facilities over the years and I've spent quite a bit of time remote editing on virtual machines, Avid, premier and after effects just work better on a PC ime.
    Like I said the new mac pro is great but I can spend 3k on a pc which will get me an absolute beast and the equivalent mac pro is about 9k.

  • give it three days and you'll love it

  • Today announcement was Apple watch 6 and SE, plus iPad 8th and Air 4th with 14 chip so still waiting for iPhone 12 announcement

  • So catalina wasn't advised is Mojave worth it or just stay on High Sierra?


  • If I'm reading you right you're thinking the Mac is a G5. It's the later mid 2010 these grater which I think was no longer a G5 because that referred to the IBM chip?!?

    I've got the same machine Gewurst is selling and it has thunderbolt so I'm guessing it would be supported but that may not be the case for GPUs

  • See that's the interesting bit... Apple better glass but Google WAY better processing. However I'm the weird man who runs around with a Sony A7r, but running Canon Glass so yeah

    I am enjoying the watch and the randomness, and the fact that Apple just works, but I do worry about the YOU MUST DO IT OUR WAY OR NO WAY (which is why it just works but....)

  • man I never thought I'd see the day... yeah the Pixels are like "Do what you want, even if we don't recommend it", Apple is like "Our way, or the highway" (mostly or fuck off cuz you can't do it)

  • Anyone have the airpods pro? Are they good for conference calls? My GF has had enough of me and my colleagues talking loudly

  • yeah I love mine, NC is amazing too although I prefer transparency mode for calls. they are comfortable too, but my ears are the "right shape"....get them from amazon and just return them if you're not happy.

  • Also a nice little hack for charging is to get one of these lightning docks. Got mine second hand and it works perfectly. Makes it really easy to flip open and close the lid and keep the case charged.

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  • Neat! I have one of those somewhere. Was shit for the phone but looks good for this

    I'll give em a go

  • For me Apple is like "log in to your iCloud account again, yes again", it ground me down until I went back to Android.

  • Really? Think I've logged in once in like... years?

  • Yeah I've heard this before, I seem to have had a particularly bad experience. I forgot it once and changed it then they seem to have decided I needed it checking at least once a day, of course once I'd changed the password a couple of times I had no chance of remembering it that well and so it got more effort to remember each time or go through a 17 step forgot password process.

  • Had that loop with Paypal a while ago, incl "what's your secret answer to this secret question you entered 7 years ago"

  • ThoseMac Pros are pretty roomy, I would expect you'd fit it in.
    You may also be able to add a TB3 add in card to the Mac Pro using a PCIe (I have one).

  • I saw an offer somewhere last week - free AirPods when you buy another apple product. I think there is something on Money Saving Expert about it. Might be worth a look.

  • Neat, thanks! Not keen on the regular airpods though. Not gonna listen to that much music but I want at least half-decent sound for the occasional gym visit

  • Sorry. It was the pros too.

  • Aha. I'll get googling - thanks for the tip!

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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