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    this up there was the most ergonomically 'ok' mouse apple ever produced.
    I just tried a magic mouse 2 for a few days, and even though I'm totally used to a claw / fingertip grip with mice this was fucking horrible, really can't wrap my head around how people are actually using those.

  • Speaking of mice - @tonylast thanks for the recommendation regarding the MX Anywhere; I had that for a while and found it to be quite good; just returned it the other day under warranty as I kept having ghost movements of the scroll wheel that got really annoying.

    Actually thinking of just getting a magic trackpad 2 now instead of a wireless mouse.

  • I miss system 7

  • I did for a very long time... I really hated Mac OS when it first came out, so shiny and unnecessary... #thingsdesignerssay

  • Looks great but way out my budget for a single screen and tbh would be overkill for my needs. That set up looks like a sculpture btw.

    Tempted to go for two of these Dell UltraSharp U2518D

    2560 x 1440 Resolution which I think is key in terms of value for money, Not Adobe RGB but I don't think it will make much difference for me in the long run. Any reason why I shoudn't get them?

  • Is there an issue with catalina and wireless cards? My macbook pro seems to be having issues as the car stops working and needs a reboot to work again. The computer is also having issues when waking from sleep too.

    Anyone else have these issues?

  • yes

  • I'm feeling extraordinarily stupid today.
    The back and forward shortcuts for Safari are CMD + [ and CMD + ] right? Which would mean that I'd have to press CMD + ALT + 5 or 6. But if I do that mostly the 5th or 6th site of my favourited bookmarks open, meaning that my laptop interprets the combination as CMD + 5 or 6. Sometimes it works though.
    So what am I doing wrong?

  • Cmd + Left/Right also work.

  • Can't believe I missed that. And I was wondering why the key combination for something so basic is so complicated.

  • There's quite a few of those finger-twisters in OSX, never figured out why it's necessary to choose some weird three or even four key shortcut (that you actually need both hands for) for some basic things, like closing all windows. I guess Apple are just trolling. It's ridiculus.

  • To save me from going down a google rabbit hole.... anyone have any experience of installing bootcamp and getting to the stage where the partition is set up and it restarts into bootcamp ready to install - only to restart back into OSX. Bootcamp partition is visible but empty. Starting boot camp assistant again just gets you a 'this will delete the bootcamp partition' alert.

    Been a while - what am I doing wrong?

    Edit: the thing I'm doing wrong apparently is not doing it 7 times in a row. 8th time's the charm.

  • oh ffs - now when i hold down option on restart to get to the 'select drive to boot from' bit, there are 7 options saying 'windows'.

  • So after taking about the 15" MacBook last week I bought it, but I was having problems getting my old MacBook stuff on it. I finally managed to get high sierra on it and got all my stuff over.

    Is it worth updating to Mojave or Catalina on this or just leave it on HS??

    Also want to get a SSD to run most of my stuff off, just photos, videos and design stuff and will store all the other stuff on other drives that I dont need to access all the time. Is WD SSD portable a good shout?


  • For god sake. Use your new trolley to transport that relic to a bin.

  • Is it worth updating to Mojave or Catalina

    Fuck Catalina

  • Big thumbs up to the person at apple who decided to only allow you to share 1 voice memo at a time.

  • Hi,
    Anybody else tried using a Chromebook to Mac via Teamviewer?
    and do you know how to access the command key from a Chromebook keyboard?

    Found the answer: it's equivalent is the magnifying glass/search key.

  • Would anyone be interested in a mac pro cheese grater 5,1(specs below)? I'm buying a new machine in a couple of weeks so wondering if there's any interest here before I throw it up on ebay?

    400 quid.

    2 Attachments

    • Screen Shot 2020-09-14 at 12.31.31.png
    • Screen Shot 2020-09-14 at 12.31.43.png
  • Would love one of them... but currently no real need.

  • Yeah it still works great, I've been putting off upgrading as pre covid I was still doing the majority of my work in edit suites of post houses and agencies and only using my home studio for work without savage deadlines. Now everything is WFH I can't really put it off anymore, off to PC land.

  • Sounds like a horrible place. Could you not just pop a new Gpu in?

  • this is a very good price, I would buy it if I didn't already have one.
    if others are unaware this is as fast as a machine five times its price.

  • I could but it would money for minimal gains at this point. I don't use any mac only software any more and the software I do use really benefits from Cuda acceleration. I just fall into that category that apple doesn't really cater for anymore.

  • High Sierra supports Nvidia gpus. All the Cudas

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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