Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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  • Dropbox smart sync?

  • Get an external ssd, and move your music library to that, put the rest of the photos and documents into the cloud.
    £130 will get you something small and robust like this
    SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD 1 TB Up to 550 MB/s Read https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B078STRHBX/r­ef=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_JptmFbXCMB64N

    Or you can get something larger (physical size) for smaller money..

  • Couple of options, iTunes Match which stores your music in the cloud so you basically stream your own collection. I had it for years but have since concluded it’s a daft option.
    I now subscribe to Apple Music which is more money but does the same plus any other music I want.
    I resisted streaming for years, but it just makes sense...
    You could move your iTunes library to an external but it gets annoying when you take your laptop elsewhere.

  • Much of my music isn't available for streaming as far as I can see, unfortunately

  • I was there a few years ago, resisted for ages but finally succumbed to spotify. Now I've gotten lazy so mainly stream from there with the odd dj-mix on soundcloud / youtube thrown in.

    I'm kinda missing my vinyl and mp3-library, esp the hunting for a certain record or album, be it off- or online

  • I guess you've nailed where I am. Massive vinyl collection that I'm gradually getting onto itunes but more than half can't be downloaded

  • Look into iTunes Match. It uploads your copy of the file for anything it doesn’t have on record.

  • Will do, thanks

  • absolutely love the new iPad Pro, USB C is great, plugged it into my monitor a few times.

    Magic keyboard is also great, feels laptop-enough to do everything i need outside of work even at 11” and im finding im using it as a tablet more than i did with my lightning port ipad pro and smart keyboard

  • The internal SSD is upgradable on MacBook Airs of that vintage. Take the bottom off and it's one screw. Up to 512GB for Apple SSDs and a lot more with third party in an adapter (risking possible compatibility issues).

  • SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD 1 TB Up to 550 MB/s Read >https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B078STRHBX/r­ef=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_JptmFbXCMB64N

    I just bought one of these to back up a load of files, and it’s the first HD I’ve bought in a decade. It’s so tiny. And crazy fast.

  • Just looked at Geekbench results to compare my mini from 18 to the new iMac

    Mini: Single 1116, Multi 5605

    iMac: Single 1141, Multi 7006

    On those figures alone the gap isn't massive, but considering everything else will have had a speed boost as well, is it worth the upgrade? Tbh I think just getting rid of my wobbly screen will be worth the money...

  • Happy to take the mini off your hands.
    The iMac is a really good machine, those GPUs are legit good too, real high end desktop class, which will make a world of difference in the right workflows.
    I hated the wobble too but grew to ignore it, then wall mounted my display and its even better plus extra clean.

  • Yeah to be fair I only notice the wobble in the morning, then my brain adapts. Still though, for a £1k monitor...

    I'd love to wall mount by I'm sharing my desk so won't be possible, and I refuse to use one of those arm things

    Contemplating getting a carpenter to build me a wooden stand

    Should be heavy enough to stop some of the wobble

  • Got an Apple store appointment on the weekend to get my MacBook touch at fixed. I’m out of warranty, purchased in 2018, just want to check what stuff I need to throw at them for a free repair? Do I just need to mention UK consumer rights and I’m good?

  • Pretty much... if the 1st person you speak to doesn’t budge, ask to speak the one of the leads.

    I assume your Mac is in good condition and doesn’t look like it’s been thrown around etc?

  • Last time I went in prepared for a fight they volunteered to cover the repair (to an iPhone) without me saying a word.

    A “consumer rights” repair was exactly the name they used.

  • My magic keyboard arrived today, is very good. Makes my iPad Pro into a (so far) compelling laptop replacement.

  • How're you finding the trackpad / cursor?

  • It's the rectangly thing, below the keys.

  • Okay, sounds alright. Yeah it’s in good condition, a few scratches on the case but it’s never been dropped or anything like that.

  • How're you finding the trackpad / cursor?

    It's good IME. If nothing else, means I can use the iPad for Citrix into work (windows) desktop. Price is a bit eye watering but once that's forgotten then it's really good.

  • Anyone looking for an iPhone X 64gb brand new? Unlocked etc etc warrantee replacement.

    Say 400 collected from Twickenham?

  • Same as Duncs, works just as you’d expect a laptop to work.

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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