Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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  • Fuck, thats a real scam! Sorry to hear that man...

  • That would be annoying, but I need the machine until they release one of the new chipset 13" MBP's so I'd have to suck up the bill.

  • Did you get it from the Apple store? If so, through the consumer right blah blah blah at them.

  • Nah Dixons in Gatwick.... and it's nearly three years old. I think that means it's out of warranty?

  • Did you buy Apple care with it? If so, you might be OK. Apple is not that strict with their AppleCare, if you are just a few weeks over or even a month or 2 over as long as you act quick. You can always blame the lockdown having delayed your plans etc.

    To be fair, the consumer rights law applies to all retailers, so you can try throwing it at Dixons or is it now Currys PC World? But I think you'd have an uphill struggle with them.

  • Why do I suddenly have a faded white border round my screen? Is this some weird way of forcing me to update to Catalina?

  • It seems it is.

  • No, but you bet I did for my new one...

  • After much waiting finally had delivery of 2020 iPad Pro 11, US Magic Keyboard and new apple pencil delivered.
    Might go straigh into the iPadOS 14 beta and see how I get on

  • Might go straigh into the iPadOS 14 beta and see how I get on

    Been stable for me on the same kit

  • So new iMac’s were released today. Looks like you get more Mac for your money. Thanks everyone who suggested to wait!

  • Was just looking back through the thread to find out who asked...

    Glad you spotted them.

  • Came here to be smug about being right.
    These new ones are beasts, Apple last intel Macs are a solid swan song, its going to be hard to beat the RX 5700XT 16GB GPU too - but they wouldn't be putting them in if Apple silicon wasn't able to (would they?).

  • Came here to be smug about being right.

    Welcome to LFGSS

  • Very tempted on the new iMacs. Also really fucking annoyed with the LG 5K wobbles.

  • I wall mounted mine, it’s dead good.

  • Yeah that was my plan too, or get a woodworker to build me a solid stand.

    Problem is the Mac Mini has proven to have it's own fair share of issues. BT is patchy at best. If I have my phone or just something made of metal between the mouse and the mini it lags horribly. Seems be a common issue as well.

    Tempted to take the hit on the screen and mini and just get an iMac and be done with it. Less cables as well...

  • iPad Pro 12.9

    Any good? Been relatively happy with my Air 2, for the little I actually use it, since 2014. My mum has an old original iPad or whichever doesn't go past 9.2.5 but it's recently stopped support for Netflix. I was going to give her the Air 2. But I do have some professional use for an iPad so wouldn't mind a replacement. I'd like to:

    Run a couple of iPad specific camera control apps (that use bluetooth).
    Annotate photos using a pencil
    Sketch/draw/design stuff using the pencil
    Use as a second screen (big appeal to me)
    Use Photoshop (is it the full, adult version or baby version?)*
    Watch films

    Have almost zero interest in the cameras - particularly if it's the 12.9 which seems large to be practical

    I can attach a hard drive to it right? And read/write speeds are OK? Trying to work out if it's possible say to attach a card reader and a hard drive and use the iPad as the transfer device for copying footage after a shoot.

    What's a practical storage amount to get? Can't imagine I'd need 1TB - have barely filled up the Air 2 and that's 64GB but slightly different use case I guess.

    And what about ethernet? How many devices can run off the single cable? Wondering if I can connect a hard drive, an ethernet connection (10gb), a monitor (via HDMI?), and maybe audio input as a very portable / simple AV mixing desk?

    EDIT: Yes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPKjZg2o­8t4

    If I can get 4+ years use out of it doing most of the above I'd be game.

    Also, importantly, can I get gamepad style controls to play PUBG mobile on?

  • Any idea why text size on chrome iOS might’ve changed. Or how to change it?
    It went nice and small recently, but today it has jumped massive and I can’t make it small again. Makes browsing a pain in the arse as so little fits on the fucking screen!

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  • Since I got a new work machine, I'm trying out the Big Sur Public Beta on my own laptop. It is going to take a lot of getting used to the new look!

    While about 60-70% of it is fine, the menubar is awful, both the vertical padding being too tight and the icon spacing being to wide. Inactive/active windows are really hard to distinguish between and everything is just too white.

    Control centre is nice though, as is messages being fully featured. Safari is also fast.

  • everything is just too white

    so like windows 10 then?

  • The bad news is I need a new screen which is £322, the good news is that they’re doing it for free. This is going with the entire new logic board and keyboard they fitted for free in May 2018. Triggers broom/ship of Theseus laptop.

  • Advice on extra storage please. My MacBook Air (2015) is near capacity, most of which is music, but a lot of photos too. What is the best (and simplest) solution for a luddite?

  • Pay for iCloud storage. For a couple of quid you'll get enough to offload all your documents and photos to the cloud.

  • Makes sense. Given my music library is taking up more than half the storage and grows daily, would it make sense to get separate storage for this?

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Everything Apple (the Mac heads thread)

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